Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaners 2023 UK & Buying Guide

If you are considering buying a new vacuum for your home, your old vacuum has either broken down or is not doing a satisfactory job. Either way, you have probably experienced quite a bit of frustration. Buying a new vacuum is an investment in your home (and sanity!) and should not be made hastily.

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important cleaning tools in any household and it comes with a variety of models and shapes which can make buyers feel confused about which one to buy. We make this guide to make it easier for you to choose the best vacuum cleaner to suit your needs, and of course with classy features and reasonable prices. If you are shopping for your first vacuum cleaner or a replacement, here are some best products to consider and also useful tips to help you find the best one!

Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaners in UK 2023

1. Shark Upright Vacuum [NV681UK]

  • Powered Lift-Away – Turn into a handheld vacuum with powered brushes for hoovering stairs and under furniture
  • Powerful – this upright vacuum has strong suction on carpets and hard floors, enhanced with swivel steering
  • LED Lights – Illuminate concealed dust and pet hair pile-ups in dark areas and under furniture
  • 5-year guarantee upon registration with Shark
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum. Clean anywhere with Extended Reach and attachments

2. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV681UKT]

This is another powerful machine from Shark. After all, if you are already familiar with the greatness of the brand, you’ll understand why they are able to produce top-notch and quality products. Want to have a flexible and versatile cleaning? Look forward to operating something easy and yet powerful? No need to look elsewhere because Shark has the perfect device for you.

This Shark upright vacuum also supports portability where a regular vacuum machine can be transformed into a portable device. If you have to carry it up or down the stairs, you won’t have to deal with the hassle. Simply hold on the handle and you are good to go! Not only the suction ability is powerful and strong, but it can also remove pet hair instantly. The hose can explore any crannies or crevices so any unwanted hair can be removed easily.

You can also assemble anything effortlessly, thanks to the helpful and handy picture guide. In less than 10 minutes, you can unbox the machine and operate it. You will be amazed by the cleaning quality and how easy to set everything up.

3. Vytronic CYL01 Cyclonic Compact Vacuum

If you see the best vacuum cleaner list, you should find this machine from Vytronic – and the name is there for some good reasons. First of all, the vacuum is small, compact, and lightweight. It has this cute futuristic look that is just catchy and pleasing to the eye. And it is a bagless vacuum that means that you can have an environmentally-friendly operation while saving yourself some money.

The device comes with 1.5 meters of hose and a telescopic tube to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning. It also has a long power cord (up to 5 meters) so you can really have a free and enjoyable cleaning time around the house. Another thing to like about the device is that it can be used for upholstery, hard floor, and carpet.

The vacuum comes with a 4-stage filtration system that is safe for allergy sufferers because it can trap micro allergens and particles. As a result, the air and atmosphere around the house will be cleaner and fresher. And thanks to the cyclonic technology, you can rest assured that the tiny particles won’t be circled around again to the house so it is completely hygienic.

4. Vytronix CSU600 Upright Handheld Vacuum

The vacuum will provide you with easiness and flexibility in doing your cleaning chores. If you need to do a full cleaning action, the upright device is the most convenient model. But when you have to clean small areas, corners, or difficult spots, the portable handheld design is the best. This vacuum has a very unique design where you can easily transform an upright stick to a compact handheld vacuum

With a compact size and lightweight construction, it is so easy to underestimate the true power of this machine. However, once you have this 2 kilograms of device in your hand, you will see that it is pretty powerful –even to the point of being impressive. Thanks to the combination of a powerful motor, you can pick up any invisible dust.

The machine may look small but the storage capacity is 1 litre, which is quite big and accommodating. You should be able to clean the whole house with only one run of the task. No wonder if this machine is included in our best vacuum cleaner list.

5. Hoover Whirlwind Bagless Cylinder Vacuum [SE71WR02]

There are so many things to like about this vacuum. For a starter, the machine is small and compact. You can easily move it around without having to break a sweat. And it has a very powerful suction ability with cyclonic whirlwind technology. When you combine a bagless operation and strong suctioning power, you will get a spotless result. The bristles are rotating fast to remove any embedded hair or dust while the suctioning power is active. Any stubborn dirt or hair will be gone in no time.

The vacuum also easy to use has good energy-saving technology. When you activate this feature, you won’t have to clean the filter quite often. Thanks to the so-called dust cyclonic separation technology, you can make sure that everything is clean without you having to do quite a lot of maintenance.

And what about above cleaning activity? Yes, you can do it too. The handle and extension head will make sure that you can clean things thoroughly – and not just on the floor.

6. Henry HVR 160-11 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum

Want to have a vacuum that is able to do effective cleaning while looking all cute? This Henry vacuum is the answer. With such an adorable design and compact size, you can easily store it away without having to worry about bumping into it.

The vacuum comes with huge capacity, up to 5x bigger than various bagless vacuum out there and it also has several different attachments that are designed for every job or activities. You can clean the stairs, cars, hard floors, or carpets easily by switching the attachment heads.

The suction power is strong and you should find an efficient cleaning system. If you have both hard floors and carpets at home, no need to worry. You can easily switch them so you can set on your cleaning activity in no time.

7. Tacklife PVC04A Wet Dry Vacuum, 1000W

The device has a powerful copper motor and 5.5 hp of power that ensure powerful performance and super solid suction power. It would be easy to clean the house without breaking a sweat. With 18.9 litres of capacity, you can expect a generous and big storage capacity.

It is big enough so that you won’t have to frequently empty the bin or clean the device. It presents a very convenient way to maintain everything. The device is able to perform wet and dry cleaning. It has a smart system with buoy security technology that automatically shuts off the power when the capacity of the sewage or the dirt has reached a critical level. Thanks to this system, the device should be able to work continuously and on a longer period of time. It is also good for security measurement.

Another reason why this device should be considered is on your list the convenience and flexibility. The carry handle is ergonomic. Not to mention that it has a rotating wheel that can move 360 degrees with various different accessories. Having the device is very nice on transportation and manoeuvrability – enabling the usage of the machine on different settings and conditions.

8. Vax Mach Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 1.5 Liters

The vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction ability that will make sure that all of the areas in your house is spotless. The cyclonic technology comes with multiple systems that would clean any surface without any delay. Whether you have a carpet or a hard floor, or even both, the cleaner will perform the task just smoothly and flawlessly. The suction power is just superb – able to pick up anything without hassle or fuss.

Another thing to like about the device is the various accessories and the detachable handle. You only need to connect the handle to the hose and you can perform above the floor cleaning efficiently. You can clean the ceilings, the areas above the windows, or the stairs without having to break a sweat.

And since the vacuum cleaner is lightweight and somewhat compact, you won’t have any problem carrying it up and down the stairs. You can even move around the house carrying it without any problem. Basically, you have the combination of flexibility and freedom that will make cleaning fun and even enjoyable.

9. VonHaus Stick Vacuum 600W [Upright & Handheld]

This is a device that can do two different functions – you can operate it as an upright device or a handheld device (looking similar to the vacuum for the car). Yes, it is super portable and compact and it is very convenient to carry around. The stick vacuum is small and yet it is powerful with tons of features and technologies.

The machine has a good HEPA filtration system that will collect and then trap very small particles so they won’t re-circle back to the house. This is great for houses with pets or whose family members have allergic reactions.  The dust tank is 1.3 litre so it should be able to accommodate all the collected dust. The high-performance vacuum head is handy and the inclusion of so many accessories adds another positive element of having the vacuum cleaner.

No need to worry about the assembly or transformation. You can easily switch from the regular vacuum cleaner to a stick device and then get back again to the regular machine. The design is user-friendly and it won’t give you any fuss in managing your cleaning routine.

10. AmazonBasic Cylinder Vacuum

Being a part of the best vacuum cleaner list makes this cleaner a powerful and handy cleaning device that should be in every household. There are tons of features to like about the device, such as the reliable system that can be used on different types of floors or surface. Whether you have the carpet or the hard floor, the device can be used without any problem. Switching from one mode to another is relatively easy.

The machine works with a good filtration system – included in HEPA technology. It will deliver a hygienic setting because the machine can collect and trap the dust or dirt so they won’t re-circle back again to the house. The vacuum also incorporates energy-friendly system so it won’t hurt your monthly bill.

Not to mention that it has a good suction ability so all the debris and small particles will be picked up effortlessly. And don’t forget that there are different suction variable and modes that you can choose – depending on different kinds of cleaning result that you want.

11. Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum [IF200UK]

The device may not seem like the other regular vacuum cleaners, but rest assured it is just as powerful. The unique design allows easier and simpler use. Not to mention that the lightweight feature makes it so convenient to hold. The cordless design also makes it nice to work with – you won’t have to worry about the cords and you can move freely without having to worry about being close to the power source.

Suction power is good and the overall quality is impressive. The performance and the results are just so awesome that you will stop worrying about the material plastic in no time. It also comes with DuoClean Technology make it perfect for Carpets and Hard Floors. In case you want to clean the car, you can Converts it to Handheld device.

The vacuum is also noiseless so you will seriously enjoy your cleaning time. With a total running operation up to 22 minutes per one charging cycle, you are making a worthy investment on your own.

12. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV801UKT]

Who hasn’t heard about Shark and its handy products? This one comes with a powerful brush that won’t only remove the debris and pet hair but also glide easily on any floor surface – whether you have hard floors or carpets. Whereas other vacuum cleaners may only push the dust or dirt, this one actually picks it up! Don’t you love it when you can move effortlessly and elegantly on the floor while making sure that the floor is clean?

And the floor isn’t the only thing you can clean. With the flexible attachments and the convenient design, you can clean the areas above the floors, like the upholstery, the ceilings, the stairs, and so much more.

The machine can be transformed from an upright device to a portable handheld machine and then an upright device again within a second. You won’t have to fumble with any complicated matters if you have this one.

13. Gtech Mk2 AirRam Cordless

Want to have a cordless vacuum that can help you clean the house? This machine can do it. The absence of the cord will make it easy for you to move from one spot to another without the fuss of having to adjust or extend the cord. You can go anywhere you like without being fumbled with the cord.

When you assemble the device, it is only 3 kilograms –making it super light without compromising the performance. The handle is ultra-low and it can lean back, so you can reach underneath any difficult spot easily without having to miss a space. The design of the machine may look simple and plain, but it hides so many powerful abilities that make it into the best vacuum cleaner list.

The battery is long-lasting so you can have an un-interrupted cleaning time. And the removal of the content is nice. It has an ejector arm that will remove the bin’s content without making another dust cloud –and without making your hands dirty. With all of these features, what’s not to love about this machine?

14. Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch

This upright vacuum cleaner isn’t only able to remove dirt and debris, but it is also effective enough to maintain fresher and cleaner air. And let’s not forget some of the handy supporting features that make this device a favourable piece for household cleaning chores.

The vacuum is lightweight so you can easily move it around the house, including carrying it up and down the stairs. With only 5 kilograms of weight, you won’t have to worry about hurting your back or any part of the body.  Moreover, the machine comes with a long cord and hose, which means that you can clean around the house easily without constantly having to plug or unplug the cord.

This vacuum has a strong cyclonic technology that works just well on the hard floor as well as the carpet. It can pick up any dirt or debris or hair effortlessly – the last one is perfect if you have pets at home. It also has 3-in-1 cleaning tools that you can use for the upholstery, dusting, and crevices. With all of these features, it’s no wonder if the machine is included in the best vacuum cleaner list, isn’t it?

15. Shark Cordless Vacuum IF200UKT

One thing to like about this vacuum cleaner is flexibility. If you want it to be upright, you can manage it. But when you have to clean difficult areas, such as below the table or the sofa, you can bend it in the most flexible way and have it your way! No need to crouch or bend or remove the furniture just to clean the area below them. Just bend the machine and your problem is solved.

Storing it is also nice and convenient. Just fold it down and the device will be a compact device that is easily stored away. Another cool thing about it is that you can be transformed into a handheld device, allowing you to reach higher places such as the ceiling or the areas above the window. Don’t you love it when your single device can be turned into several types of devices with different functions?

The device is just perfect for pet owners because of the powerful suction ability, ensuring effective removal of the hair. And the DuoClean technology will also make sure that you can clean both hard floor and carpet easily without damaging the surface or breaking the glide.


There you have it – the best vacuum that you can find at the market. Do you have your own best vacuum cleaner list based on these products?

Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Today’s vacuum cleaners have drastically different features and technology. Let’s start with the basics. Do you prefer a cylinder or a bag for waste? Vacuums that use disposable bags need to be replaced, but nothing needs to be cleaned. Cylinder models are usually clear, so you can see when they need to be changed and if you vacuumed something by accident. They are emptied straight into the garbage can, which can be messy. It depends on the design. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Air Filters and Allergies

Another feature to consider is air filters. New technology employs washable HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filters. These are a wonderful option for people with allergies. Some models can trap up to 99.9% of household allergens such as dust, pollen, ragweed, and mould. Buying a model with this option is an important factor if you consider the health benefits.

Large Home vs. Small Spaces

Consider the amount of space in which you are cleaning. Vacuums come in all different sizes and for different uses. Vacuuming a small apartment vs. a multi-level home may call for different design features. A compact vacuum with a low volume waste container would not work for a larger home. If you are cleaning tricky spots like stairs or high ceilings, you would want to consider a model with an extended hose or wand that will make cleaning easy.

Pet Hair

Of course, if you have a pet, you will need a unit that has features specially designed for pet hair. That includes brush bars and technology that can handle a high volume of hair without tangles and internal clogs. Check out the best vacuum for pet hair also in this blog. You can find several products to consider.


If you have a car, you also need to consider to buy the best car vacuums because it can help you to clean your car effectively.

Odds and Ends

There are many other features that vary drastically from model to model. For example, here is an idea of what to look for when comparing models: cord and wand length, foot-controlled levers vs. handle buttons, self retracting cords, headlights, bumpers, suction power, and warranty length.

Where to Start

When you are considering a new vacuum purchase, check online for reviews and price comparisons. The more information you gather, the better equipped you will be to make the right purchase for your home.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

* Upright Vacuum Cleaners are powerful machines but they can be heavy
* Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners are convenient with plenty of suction
* Handheld Vacuum Cleaners are lightweight and good for small jobs.
* Stick Vacuum Cleaners are very light but do not give a lot of suction
* Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems move the motor and bag to a central location so you just have to carry the pickup head and hose from room to room
* Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners can be handy for cleaning up wet or liquid spills

Tips for Finding the Best Floor Vacuum Cleaner

The flooring in your home will determine which type of vacuum cleaner is the best one to get. If you have a lot of flooring, a vacuum with floor attachments such as brushes or an upright vacuum cleaner with metal bottom plates would be a good choice. If you have carpets, the vacuum should have a lot of suction power, especially if you have deep pile carpets.

Best Upright Vacuums are by far the most popular type. These vacuums are made by many different manufacturers and offer lots of features. For example, some have HEPA filters to trap allergens. Some are made especially for homes with pets. There are uprights that require vacuum bags and those that are bagless. The bagless upright traps the dirt in a container that is removed and emptied. Many people like the bagless vacuum because they don’t have to deal with the expense and hassle of replacing vacuum bags. When shopping for the best bagless vacuum cleaner, look for features you want such as superior pet hair removal or allergen filtration. You might want an upright vacuum that is suitable for both carpet and hard flooring.

Cylinder vacuums are lighter and not that difficult to navigate but on average offer better suction power. According to Consumer Reports, they are good at removing pet hair from furniture and upholstery. This type of vacuum has a cylinder with an attached wand and a cleaning head. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are also better than uprights for vacuuming stairs, drapes and furniture. When selecting the best cylinder vacuum, look for a name-brand manufacturer and compare features and prices of your top picks.

A bag model is better than a bagless one if you are aiming to minimize the dust in the air. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum cleaners provide better particle filtration than non-HEPA models so if you suffer from asthma or allergies, this is a good type of vacuum to go for. HEPA vacuum cleaners come in both upright and cylinder styles.

You might also be wondering about the best robot vacuums in 2023. These are battery-charged little robots that will automatically clean your floors while you are doing something else. They are good for busy people and those with mobility problems but they do not have the suction or performance power of a cylinder or upright type vacuum.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are handy for cleaning both small and large areas. They are lightweight, portable and easy to store. Cordless vacuum cleaners are handy for quick jobs. It is easier to grab a cordless vacuum cleaner and clean up a mess rather than wheel a big, heavy cylinder model out.

If you need a smaller vacuum, a handheld vacuum is what you need. The best handheld vacuum 2023 truly speaks for being the most convenient device to clean small spills. It is an ideal choice to use in houses, café, beauty salon, shops etc. You can also use it to clean stairs, cars and more. Its market is improving day by day and newer models are coming with more advanced features. This adorable device has many advantages which make it more adorable and appealing to its user.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

There are plenty of well-known vacuum cleaner brands, including Dyson, Vax, Mielle, Hoover, Miele and VonHaus. Other good vacuum cleaner brands include Bosch, Morphy Richards, Shark and Electrolux. When you are choosing a vacuum cleaner, you might already have a preferred brand, such as that of your old vacuum cleaner.

Remember to check the functionality of the vacuum cleaner and make sure it fits your requirements, rather than choosing by brand alone, in order to get the best value vacuum cleaner you will be happy with for years to come. Check the buttons are easy to use. Check the vacuum cleaner can be assembled quickly and easily. Consider if a bag or bagless vacuum cleaner would suit you better. Think about where you are going to store it and whether you have room for a large cylinder type vacuum cleaner.

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Steam Mop: When cleaning with steam, there is no need to make use of any harsh chemicals. It is as easy as turning the tap open and filling the tank with water. It is even better to make use of distilled water, where there is no chance that any metals that will build up within the machine.

It might be a good idea to buy a steam mop that uses pads that are washable and can be used repeatedly. The thing with steam mops is that it leaves less water on the floor while the heat gets to speed up the cleaning process.

The steam mops are also a lot of trendier and easier to use and are environmentally friendlier than the standard mops. If you are interested to buy a steam mop, you can read our review about the best steam mop 2022 in the UK.


If you are still unsure about which vacuum cleaner is the best for you, have a look at some vacuum cleaner reviews. Our site will help you to choose the best vacuum to fit your needs perfectly. Once you have noted the features you require and done some browsing, you can make a short list of the best vacuums and choose the one that best suits your criteria and your budget.