Top 10 Best Carpet Vacuums 2022 UK

Planning to buy a vacuum cleaner for your carpet, then you will want to know that buying any sort of vacuum cleaner will not do. That is because there are many vacuum cleaners and getting the right one which can really help your cause will be beneficial in the long run. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the vacuum cleaner for carpet is much different.

Usually carpeted areas include home as well as offices. You have many homes where the living room, as well as the bedrooms, is carpeted. Offices too come carpeted and when you leave things like that, you can find all kinds of particles roaming in the air, which can cause serious health ailments. There are many models to choose from an immense variety of brands as you can see below.

Top 10 Best Carpet Vacuums 2022 UK

1. Shark Upright Vacuum NV601UKT

As one of the best carpet vacuum cleaners that have ever designed and produced, this Shark machine comes with various features and technologies. The powerful suction technology is able to pick up things. That’s why it is ideal and perfect for pet owners. The suction power is able to clean sofas, cushions, and carpets – removing the debris, dust, dirt, and hair. Thanks to the special hair removal tool, you can keep the carpet spotless and clean most of the times.

The machine has versatile cleaning options, which mean that it is great for hard floors as well as carpets. Anti-allergen technology will also trap the microscopic allergen, mites, and bacteria inside the container so they won’t circulate back to the air. It will make the air cleaner and fresher. Another cool thing about the machine is the flexible design. It comes in an upright model that will make it easy and comfortable for cleaning the entire house. But in the event that you want to have a portable design, you only need to switch a special button and you can enjoy the portable construction.

2. Eureka Swan Power Plush Turbo 3-in-1

If you want a powerful and reliable vacuum cleaner that can be used for different kinds of cleaning tasks without compromising the energy (and the monthly bill), then this product from Eureka will be just perfect for you. After all, the vacuum is designed with impressive motor and power.

With350W of power, you can suck up almost anything. It comes with LED lights on the brush head so you can clean the dark areas, corners and under furniture with ease. You can carry this 3-in-1 vacuum up and down stairs or between one room to another effortlessly.

The machine also comes with a HEPA filter and cyclonic filtration technology. The turbo suction is super efficient to remove particles and allergens from the surface, including the carpets. And the HEPA filter will make sure that everything will stay trapped inside the filter and they won’t be back to the air. It will deliver safe and hygienic air for the homeowners, especially those with allergy issue. Not to mention that the machine has an energy rating with class A system. It is able to save up your monthly bill.

3. Vax Carpet Power Vacuum W86-DP-B

This machine is called the carpet fresher because of its powerful washer. Known as the Dual Power washer, the technology has the twin-tank technology that will separate the dirty and clean water –while making sure that only the clean one would be applied to the carpets.

The feature is simple and easy to set up – you won’t deal with any fuss or complication when such a washer is applied. And with the rotating dual brush, you can remove the embedded and stubborn dirt so the carpet will be clean and bright again. The dual rotating brush will remove the dirt so your carpet will be refreshed again – returning the colour to its original state.

The user-friendly system makes it convenient for operation. You only need to adjust the setting and press some buttons. Your machine will run on its own without you having to have a lot of tweaks for it. Refilling the tanks or emptying it would be easy and fast. Be sure that your cleaning activity would be fun and effortless.

4. Vytronix CYL01 Compact Vacuum

The best carpet vacuum is compact and light. Most users claim that they have a very convenient use without breaking a sweat. Despite the small design and size, don’t be fooled by the suction power. It is pretty powerful, able to lift any particles and dirt – including the ones hidden inside the carpet.

The different attachments are very easy and comfortable for all kinds of cleaning tasks. Whether you are cleaning the wide surface or the tight corners, you can be sure that the machine will help you. The 4-stage filtration system will make sure that your house will remain spotless and allergen-free. The filter will trap the bacteria and particles, so they won’t return back to the air (inside the house). A convenient device, don’t you think?

5. Vax Mach Air Upright Vacuum, 1.5L

This upright vacuum is very convenient and easy to use. Such a model is quite convenient for the entire house cleaning because you can easily clean everything without bending or crouching. Despite the design, the device is light. If you have to go up and down the stairs, you can always tag the device along. There is a special handle for it and the machine is light too.

It comes with cyclonic power that is powerful for sucking and removing dirt. The cyclonic feature will also prevent clogging of the suction hole so you can enjoy long-lasting use. The multi-cyclonic power will clean the hard floor and also the carpets thoroughly so you won’t need to worry about any remaining dirt trapped inside the carpet.

6. Eureka Compact Eureka Wet and Dry Vacuum

If you want to have a device that can be used for wet as well as dry application, this Eureka product will be the perfect option. With the combination of 1400W ability and big dust capacity (up to 15 litres), you can clean the house, the office, or the car easily. Whether you are dealing with liquids or solid crumbs, be sure that this machine will be able to tackle it.

The machine comes with extra accessories and attachments for different tasks.  For instance, the extension tube can be used to reach up higher spots while the crevice tool can be used to clean narrow gaps and difficult corners. The vacuum can also be turned into a blower, which is perfect for any extensive cleaning needs.

7. Vax U85-AS-Be Upright Stretch Vacuum

The upright model makes it very convenient for everyday use. Not to mention that the machine also comes with a long hose and cord, allowing you to cover a wide area of cleaning. You don’t need to plug in and out different power outlets with such a feature.

The compact design is somewhat handy because it allows you to easily manoeuvre it in any different setting. And even if you have to go up and down the stairs, you can always carry the machine easily. Not only it is lightweight, only 5 kg but it is also powerful with 70 mph airflow and has a handle as well. No wonder if it is included in the best carpet vacuum list.

Other features include an additional hose and a 3-in-1 tool that can help you to clean the floor easily.

8. ONSON Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1

This vacuum is cordless which will make the cleaning process easier. With the cordless design, you can easily transport and move from one room to another without being afraid of tangled-cord. The cleaning power is powerful with 100W suction ability. You can choose the lowest setting – which should be enough for removing the dirt. But you can also make use of the MAX mode for any stubborn dirt and particles. No wonder if the machine is ideal for cleaning ceilings, furniture, curtains, walls, carpets, and hardwood floors.

The 7000Pa suction power is able to deliver thorough and deep cleaning. This is quite impressive because the device is compact and lightweight. With the upright design, you can use it to clean the entire house completely. You won’t have to bend or suffer from back pain. If you want to, you can transform the machine into a handheld machine. This model is more convenient for carrying and tagging along, even when you have to go up and down the stairs.

9. Duronic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner VC5010

The cylinder vacuum is compact and lightweight and yet the power is amazing. The device is able to suck up everything from the surface, even from carpets. Whereas particles, hair, and dust are generally trapped on the carpet, the suction power of the vacuum can remove them easily. No more hidden particles inside the carpet because nothing can hide from the strong suction power.

Don’t forget that this machine also comes with handy accessories, four attachments as well as 5m of retractable power cable. As one of the best cylinder vacuums, the attachments are designed for different cleaning tasks. The dusting brush can loosen up any stubborn dirt or dust so it can be sucked up by the machine. With a weight of only around 4.6 kg, this vacuum is quite lightweight but powerful enough to suck all kinds of dirt from the surface of the floor

And then there is a crevice tool that can be used to clean narrow gaps. The powerful brush is also effective to remove the pet hair so everything can be cleaned efficiently – and you can enjoy a spotless result. The design is convenient for easy storage too.

10. AmazonBasic Cylinder Vacuum

Want a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong performance and a tag price that won’t hurt your wallet? There you have it: this machine from AmazonBasic with tons of handy features and technologies. The bagged machine has 700W of power with an energy-efficient system. It means that the machine has a strong and solid performance, especially for suction and cleaning, and yet the energy rating system makes it economical for power use. You won’t have to deal with exorbitant power use.

The action nozzle has three cleaning abilities that can suck up fine dirt and coarse particles. There is also a slide simple knob that can control the suction power. Basically, you can control the strength of the suction ability. The HEPA filter is washable. It is able to capture more than 99% of the particles and trap them within the filter. As a result, the particles won’t circulate again to the air, resulting in fresher and cleaner air. The device is small and compact for easy transportation.

Features to Consider

Usually, two types of vacuum cleaners can help you here, one is the cylinder and the other one is the upright cleaner. The cylinder vacuum cleaner is compact and easy to clean furniture and upholstery. You can also use it to clean your stairs. They are ideal for hard flooring because they are basically cleaners that come with suction power.

Upright cleaners give you more control as you only steer it in the direction you want to. They would be perfect for carpet areas. The brush is soft can easily penetrate deep to bring out the dust and dirt particles stuck inside it. The cleaner does not suck up all the energy and take a lot of time when compared to other designs.

In the upright cleaners, the motor is in the head of the vacuum. This helps the motor drive the vacuum fan to suck up all the dust and dirt into the bag. Bagless cleaners are advantageous because they do not need further emptying and cleaning. You will also want to ensure that you understand the additional accessories which you will need for your vacuum cleaner.

They are cord length, bag capacity, weight, and power assist. The warranty and customer support is very crucial because expensive vacuum cleaners do not mean that they are better.


These vacuum cleaners that are usually made for cleaning carpets come at a reasonable price. They are priced between $200 to $500 and maybe a little more. However, they should not cross the $500 limit. Carpet cleaners are the ones that are sturdy and hence need to be made from strong materials that can go a lifetime.

You do not want to be changing them often. If you do a good job in researching using the consumer’s guide and other online sources, then you will be able to find the one that can really help you clean your room and house in an efficient manner. It is like an investment of your time and effort as it pays dividends later on because you will not have any headaches or loss of money.

Hope you found this vacuum cleaner for carpet buying guide useful. You will want to make sure that you follow the above pointers which have been mentioned for you to buy the right one.