Top 10 Best Cylinder Vacuum 2022 UK

A Cylinder vacuum is a very popular vacuum cleaner because it is more versatile than other types of vacuum cleaners. They are lightweight and portable, which allow you to move them around effortlessly and clean rooms in a hurry. It is ideal for smaller homes and even with large rooms and hallways. A cylinder vacuum can maneuver easily in your home and be stored easily when you are not using it.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners are designed to clean a wide range of surfaces like carpets, hard floors and stairs, and other devices that specialize in specific areas.

When buying a cylinder vacuum, there are factors that you need to consider. For example, if you have pets, then choose the one that can pick up animal hair easily and can remove pet dander. You need a multi-floor vacuum if you have carpeted and hardwood floors.

The following are some of the best cylinder vacuum 2022 in the UK with great features and affordable prices

Top 10 Best Cylinder Vacuum 2022 UK

1. Eureka Lightweight Vacuum R300

If you are ready to make a commitment to the entire cleanliness of the house, then you can consider this Eureka product as one of the best cylinder vacuums to help you with your cleaning work. The vacuum has a strong suction ability that can remove any particles and small debris while making sure that bigger debris is picked up efficiently. The switch can be activated with a simple press, changing the cleaning mode from carpet to hardwood floors and vice versa. You can also use the airflow controller to make an adjustment to the power.

The cylinder design may seem bulky, but the machine is actually compact and lightweight. You can easily control it because it has impressive manoeuvrability. With a total weight of fewer than 3.5 kilograms, you shouldn’t have any problem moving it around. And thanks to its telescopic metal construction tube, you can also manoeuvre it on the stairs and furniture. The dust container is pretty big, able to accommodate 2litersofcapacity. It doesn’t use any bag either. You only need to empty the bin and wash the filters – and you are good to go!

2. Hoover Whirlwind Cylinder Vacuum SE71WR02

The machine is compact and lightweight, but don’t underestimate it for being such a small device. The combination of compact devices and affordable machines (without compromising the power) is one of the plus points about the machine. You can easily use it for hard floors as well as carpets. And the various attachment accessories make it very convenient and nice to use.

The machine has crevice tools for difficult corners and small gaps. There is also a dusting brush for effective cleaning and brushing. As if it weren’t enough, there is a pet powerful turbo brush that can be used to tackle pet hair. The cord is 5 meters with a 1.5meters hose.

Once you have finished with the cleaning, just press the cord rewind automatic button. The cord will automatically be pulled back to the chassis. You literally don’t need to break a sweat to manage the vacuum. It is also an energy-saving machine that reduces the need for you to clean the filter.

3. Vytronix Powerful Cyclonic Vacuum

The vacuum is designed because the company believes that effective cleaning is possible without the users having to spend a fortune. So, they make this product that has a good combination of performance, durability, and quality. The vacuum has a powerful suction power that is able to remove almost anything (dirt, scraps, dust, etc) to ensure a spotless result. With 4-stage filtration technology (able to trap micro allergens and particles), you can be sure that the machine can be a perfect pick for those with allergies.

As one of the best cylinder vacuums, you can use this machine every day. Unlike other devices that are complicated for everyday use, this Vytronix machine is easy to clean and care for. The portable design and lightweight features are convenient to use. And let’s not forget the bag-less system so you won’t have to deal with clouds of dust every time you want to clean the machine. Using the machine is super convenient and even fun!

4. Kealive Bagless Vacuum 700W

From the design alone, this vacuum is unique and different. Everything about the machine is created in such a way so that it can suck up dirt and particles without you having to deal with the fussy or complicated arrangement. The HEPA filter with a 4-stage filtration system will make sure that every particle will be sucked up efficiently. As a result, the air is fresher and cleaner. You can also be sure about preventing bacteria from spreading.

The dust container can be washed easily – and it is easily removed too. You only need to push a button and you can empty the content without creating a mess. All the components for the filter can also be washed and cleaned. The combination of easy cleaning, unique design, and powerful suction ability is just great. Enjoy the floor brush, dual-purpose brush, extension tube, hose, and powerhead.

5. AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum

When you want to enjoy a lightweight and compact machine, this Amazon cylinder vacuum can glide easily from one room to another. It ensures effective cleaning, thanks to the attachments and the powerful 700W of the motor. The design is contemporary and sleek – allowing you to manoeuvre it easily on hard floors and stairs.

The machine is also quiet and smooth. It comes packing with an A energy rating for better energy management and efficiency without compromising performance. The filter is removable and also washable so you can make sure that it would long-lasting.

Other features of this vacuum include HEPA 12 filter that can be washed easily, it can capture up to 99.5% of all particles so the air output will be cleaner, 5m of cord, 1.5m adjustable hose and a capacity of 1.5L.

6. Miele Blizzard CX1 Blizzard Powerline Bagless Vacuum

The vacuum is included as the best cylinder vacuum because of the handy (and unique construction) and the useful features. For instance, you only need to press a button and you can empty the dust container – directly to your waste bin. You won’t even have to make contact with the dust. It would minimize the mess.

There are also accessories that can make the cleaning process easier and more fun. Whether you want to clean the stairs, the areas above the window, or the narrow crevice under the furniture, you can manage it without any difficulty.

The machine is reliable for cleaning pet hairs and has 11 metres for the operating radius which means that you can clean a wide coverage of an area with one power socket. When you don’t have to constantly switch sockets, it makes it more convenient and efficient.

7. Philips FC9920/69 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

Who hasn’t heard about Philips? This is a reliable brand and name in the cleanliness industry. The design is convenient for the entire house’s cleaning while the portable handheld design would make it easy to carry –especially when cleaning the floor and stairs.

The design isn’t the only thing to like about the machine. The flexibility in cleaning wood floors and carpet is another thing to like about this vacuum. This vacuum offers PowerCyclone 7 technology that works in 3 easy steps to help you clean, contain as well as filter dirt from your home and combined with NanoClean Technology to prevent dust cloud

The vacuum comes with various extra accessories and attachments. There are accessories to reach high and difficult corners and there are some for tight and narrow spaces. The anti-allergen system will also trap any bacteria, germs, or allergens inside the machine so they won’t be released back to the air. If you have allergies, this product from Shark may be an ideal option for you.

8. Vytronix Cyclonic 3L Bagless Pet Cylinder Vacuum

This vacuum is compact and yet it houses a lot of features and technologies. As one of the best cylinder vacuums, this machine can be easily carried around because of its lightweight speciality. The design is ergonomic and stylish with 6m of Power Cord, and the additional accessories make it even more convenient to use. Thanks to the handle, you can easily lift it and carry it with you. Since it is less than 4 kilograms, you won’t have to deal with any fussy implementation.

There is also a removable filter that can be lifted out effortlessly. When you tip the container to the bin, you can empty the contents without breaking a sweat. There are times when you may need to brush the inside –for better cleaning. You can use an old or cheap brush to do it. There is also an allergy filter within the package. Taking care of it can be brushed or washed carefully, and your filter would be as good as new.

9. Duronic Electric Vacuum

If you want to enjoy your cleaning time, be sure to choose the right device. And this electric cleaner from Duronix has the right accessories for different kinds of cleaning purposes. The telescopic pole is great to clean high places and to reach the ceilings while the crevice tool can reach out crannies and nooks. The hose can help with cleaning the staircases while the brush tool (with the removable head) is effective to pick up small dirt. You can also use floor brushes (two of them) for carpets and hard floors.

The vacuum has a convenient handle to make the machine portable and easy to carry. The dust canister is coming in the pull-out mechanism so it shouldn’t be difficult to empty the dirt. This device is bag-less so you won’t have to deal with extra spending to buy the bags or with messy cleaning. A lot of people have the same claim that the vacuum is the most efficient and quietest one they have ever used. They love it for the fact that they can remove all kinds of particles without fuss or drama.

10. Henry HVR 160-11 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum,

From the design alone, it is easy to like this adorable vacuum. Despite the design and the seemingly small construction, this machine is basically quite big and ‘roomy’. It has a big capacity of up to 5x bigger than many cylinder vacuums out there.

This machine is also flexible – it has the needed accessories and attachments for different cleaning purposes. Whether you want to clean the carpet, the stairs, or even the car, this Henry machine can help you with your cleaning purpose.

The toolset is handy and you can switch them easily. When compared to the other vacuum cleaners, this one has a pretty big capacity – up to 6 litres. The design may seem cute and adorable, but the overall construction is solid and tough. Such a device can also be tucked away for convenient storage. If you want to enjoy your cleaning moment, you should have it at home!

Features to consider when buying cylinder vacuum


The best cylinder vacuum is easy to manoeuvre.

Bagless or Bagged

A bagless cylinder vacuum has a plastic compartment that is reusable. To remove the dirt collected all you have to do is to open the lid and empty its contents. In a bagged cylinder vacuum, you need to replace the bag every time you use the tool. The bagless cleaner is more economical in the long run, but it carries the risk of accidentally emptying a pile of debris in a newly cleaned floor.


To protect against the possibility of malfunctions while in use and manufacturer defects, the vacuum cleaner carries with it a warranty. The warranty specifies the services the company provides for free for a specific period of time.


The standard cylinder vacuums are perfect for flooring with carpets. Small cylinder vacuums are best for tile, vinyl and hardwood flooring. It has far-reaching wands and attachments for dealing with crevices and crannies on the floor.

Performance / Suction Power

A cylinder vacuum cleaner must be powerful enough to collect most of the dust. The noise level is also important. Most homeowners prefer a quieter cylinder vacuum.

Attachments and Accessories

Cylinder Vacuum includes accessories and attachments, such as cords, nozzles, crevice tools, dusting brushes, upholstery brushes and others to make the cleaning experience easier.


Hope you found this Cylinder vacuum buying guide useful. Remember to use the pointers mentioned above the next time you plan on purchasing a cylinder vacuum for your home.