Top 10 Best Handheld Vacuum 2022 UK

Whether you want to clean up traces of ash, dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair or other unwanted particles from the interiors of your home, a vacuum cleaner can be your best choice of equipment. However, if you want to get powerful suction for dealing with the small messes and spills, it is best that you settle for a handheld vacuum cleaner instead of going for a large one.

These days, such types of cleaners have become extremely popular in the market and are used in lots of households. Every year, an increasing number of consumers choose these in order to remove messes and dirt from their upholstery, carpets and other surfaces. If you are serious about purchasing a handheld vacuum cleaner, you should consider the products below in order to enjoy the most powerful equipment at the lowest rates.

Top 10 Best Handheld Vacuums 2022 UK

1. Jackmoo Cordless Vacuum 7000Pa

Why Jackmoo is considered one of the best handheld vacuums on the market? Well, there are a lot of things to love about this machine. For a starter, the machine has different attachment types which are used for different cleaning purposes too. The crevice nozzle is perfect for absorbing drink, liquid, spilt milk, and such thing alike. The brush nozzle can be used for cleaning narrow gaps or cloth material. The portable vacuum is useful to clean staircase corners, sofa seams, and other places that are hard to reach. This is a device perfect for both the house and the car.

The Li-ion battery only needs 4 hours of charging time so it can run for 30 minutes non-stop. It has three different filtration systems that would ensure more effective cleaning. Not to mention that the filter can be washed and cleaned for longer-lasting operational use.  And let’s not forget that the suction power is amazing. Don’t be fooled by the compact design because it is strong and powerful.

2. Novete Detachable Vacuum 7KPa 100W

This handheld cordless machine has different attachments that can clean different areas, such as the high areas, ceilings, corners, stairs, walls, sofas, and carpets. This machine can be used for wet and also dry implementation, which means that it can suck up dirt, debris, and dust but it can also suck up liquid, such as milk or spilt water. It has a detachable battery that can prolong the operation. With 14.8V of power, the machine is pretty powerful. A single charge allows you to use the machine for 30 minutes non-top.

Are you looking for a hypo-allergic device that will prevent allergens from entering the house? You are looking at one! Thanks to the HEPA-filtering system, you can maximize the output (air) quality by trapping microscopic irritants and allergens so they won’t circulate back to the air. The filter is also washable so you can enjoy cost-friendly care and maintenance. This is a device that is long-lasting and easy to use.

3. FYLINA Handheld Vacuum, 120W

There are tons of features to like about this handheld vacuum. For a starter, it is quiet and convenient. The battery life can also run non-stop for 25 minutes to 30 minutes, max. With a single device, you can enjoy dry and wet application so any dirt or spill can be removed efficiently, thanks to a 120W ultra-high power motor and combined with the suction of up to 7.5KPa. The design is portable with a lightweight feature. What about cleaning and emptying the dust container? You can do it easily because of the easy mechanism.

Don’t be fooled by the small size because the suction power is quite impressive. You can clean up debris, dirt, and dust easily without you having to break a sweat. But if you compare it to other vacuums, the powerful suction is rather weak. But still, it is quite promising and handy, and you just love the simplicity of this best handheld vacuum. Another thing to love about it is the quiet feature. You can even do the cleaning while the kids are asleep!

4. Vax Gator Cordless Vacuum 0.3 L H85-GA-B10

If you are looking for a cleaner that is small, lightweight, and small with big power and impressive performance, you should include this Vax machine in your list. With 10.8V of power, the cordless vacuum can suck up dirt, crumbs, dust, and even scraps with such ease. The vacuum is portable, very convenient to move from room to room. The unique design allows it to slip into tight and difficult places so you can be sure that every corner is spotless and clean.

Emptying the dust container is easy because you only need to open the front side and ‘pour’ the content into the garbage bin. No need to deal with any bag or even touch the dust! Cleaning the vacuum itself will be hygienic and fast.  Too bad that it can only run for 15 minutes straight but such a performance is already enough if you are thinking about cleaning a small room or you just want to clean a specific area at one time.

5. TOPWOLF Handheld Vacuum Cordless

This TOPWOLF vacuum comes equipped with a unique ergonomic handle wherewith fingertip button, you will be able to control the power easily.

it has a lightweight design so you are free to move around and easy clean up wherever you go. It can be used to clean the sofa, the cars, and the counters. Cleaning the stairs would be fun too! This vacuum battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, which only takes about 3 hours to recharge and can operate for up to 40 minutes non-stop

Attachments are various and you can also enjoy the solid suction power. Different attachments are meant for different cleaning purposes so you will find different accessories for all of your cleaning needs. Want to have an effective device that won’t hurt your wallet? This machine is the answer.

6. Shark Hand Vacuum [WV200UK]

From the look itself, this machine is unique and truly compact. The design is modern and ergonomic to hold. Unlike other vacuums that may need a special spot or container for storage, you can simply put the vacuum on the countertop. And the comfortable hold is very nice to clean almost anything.

You can clean the kitchen and the living room. Can you use it to clean the car? Why not? After all, as the best handheld vacuum, this machine can remove dust, dirt, and liquid. So, it is convenient for dry and wet applications.

Just because it is compact and sleek, the power won’t be compromised. The suction power is strong and you can be sure to pick up almost anything. The charging time is fast so you can always grab it and clean the counter. It isn’t surprising if the vacuum isn’t only popular but also likeable.

7. AivaToba Portable Vacuum

This vacuum has a 120W motor that is producing 6000Pa cyclonic suction. This kind of arrangement is just perfect for cleaning food waste, scraps, ash, crumbs, debris, hair, dust, and particles. Since this is a machine that can be used for both dry and wet implementation, you can also remove spilt and liquids – improving its efficiency and usage.

With the combination of handheld design, lightweight construction (only 756g), and cordless model, operating this device is certainly a breeze. You can also enjoy the easy removal and empty. Click a button so the debris and dust can be driven out. The washable filter is also convenient.

8. Black+Decker DVJ325BF-GB 27Wh

The hand vacuum is portable, compact, and lightweight – very handy and convenient for everyday use when cleaning the house, office, and cars. One of the reasons why it is powerful is because of the cyclonic action that would spin debris and dust away (from the filter) so the suction power remains strong with a very minimal possibility of filter clogging. If you want to have a more powerful cleaning, use the Boost Mode to increase the suction power –picking up stubborn dirt and dust.

The battery indicator is handy to inform you when to charge or when the power is low. And since the indicator is LED, you can always enjoy a better view even in the dimly-lit surrounding. This machine comes with various accessories and attachments, designed to perform different cleaning tasks. You can reach into a difficult spot or reach higher areas with the extended accessory. The device is pretty quiet too so your cleaning moment doesn’t have to be noisy or annoying.

9. Pro Breeze Ultra Vacuum Wet & Dry

This best handheld vacuum has more than enough power to create a spotless surface and area. With the combination of a 90W motor and strong li-on 14.8V battery, delivering 6000Pa suction, the vacuum can pick up liquids, hair, pet hair, and crumbs effortlessly. It is a device for dry and wet use, perfect to clean cars, furniture, carpets, stairs, and even clothes.

The dust bin is pretty big – able to accommodate 500ml of liquid and dust. Since the vacuum comes with a simple release mechanism (you only click it), you can clear and empty the container in no time – and no hassle too. The filter is HEPA-grade with a removable mechanism, which is considered more powerful and effective than the regular buster filter. The cordless design is supported by the lightweight feature so using one is very convenient and simple. A lot of homeowners claim that they like the portable and compact design and also the strong performance.

10. VonHaus Handheld Vacuum with UV Light

The coolest thing about this vacuum is that it has its own UV light system. It is handy when you want to clean areas that may be infested by mites, fungus, bed bugs, or bacteria. The UV light will penetrate into the outer cell structure of these creatures so they can be terminated and replication can be prevented. As a result, the area will remain clean and hygienic – and you won’t have to worry about bed bugs or such a thing anymore.

Another thing to like about this machine is the design, especially the combined gliding wheels and the ergonomic handle. The dust tank can be easily removed and re-attached again so cleaning should be made easy. The HEPA filter will also make sure that the machine can kill any bacteria, germs, or allergens that make contact with the vacuum. Any trapped bacteria or germ won’t be released and re-circulated again back to your house, preventing further allergy spread or issue. If you want to enjoy a fuss-free cleaning moment without having to worry about any allergy problem, then this device would be the perfect choice for you.

Final words

These are the best options although feel free to look for more options. Now that you already know the candidates for the best handheld vacuum, which one would you choose?

4 Factors to consider before buying a handheld vacuum

Choose ones with the greatest suction power

There is great variance among these kinds of cleaners on the basis of the amount of suction power that they come with. In most cases, buyers look for one which is powerful enough to suck up dirt and slightly heavier particles such as broken glass. Based on what you intend to use the cleaner for, you would like to get one that has great suction power and also comes with decent bells and whistles within your budget.

Check the battery span

The majority of handheld vacuum cleaners come with batteries, in order to be portable. However, there is this slight disadvantage that batteries run out of power. Naturally, you need to know how much power does a battery have and how long it can run continuously. The last thing you would want is to be denied the joy of cleaning at a stretch and stop every now and then to charge the battery unit of your cleaner.

Think about your purpose

You should also consider what purpose you would like to use your cleaner for. You should get a cleaner that suits your lifestyle and home the best. A corded vacuum comes with the disadvantage of wires but has enough suction for indoor environs. It is best if you would like to use your cleaner indoors. A cordless vacuum will be best if you would like to use your cleaner in the outdoor environment.

Look for the best features and accessories

You should also look for cleaners that come with the best features and a wide range of accessories. This will ensure that you can use it for various kinds of cleaning purposes. Look for a unit that has a narrow attachment as well as an attachment with a wider mouth. This will ensure that your cleaner would be able to pick up the smallest of particles and completely clean localized regions around your home, such as baseboards. You should also check that the cleaner comes with the most lightweight size, as a compact cleaning unit can comfortably be used around the home. Unless your cleaning equipment is not light enough in weight, look for one that is.