Top 10 Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floor 2021 UK

If you live near the beach or you have pets in the house, it is inevitable to have so much dust and pet hair accumulating on your floors. It is quite of a hassle if you rely on using a conventional broom to sweep away these particles. Besides, the wind can just blow the dust back in, thus making you go through an endless chore of sweeping.

Put an end to this stressful situation. Several vacuum cleaners in the market work great in cleaning hardwood floor. These do not only suck away dirt; allergens and dust stay trapped in the filters, thus providing you with cleaner and fresher air indoors.

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor 2021 in the UK, we have some recommendations as you can see below ;

1. Shark Upright Vacuum NV601UKT

Shark has been considered one of the best vacuum for hard floors because of the handy features. When you buy the machine, rest assured that you only get the best from the purchase.

For a starter, the design of the vacuum is versatile and convenient. Want to cover a wide area? Fine, use it in the upright mode. Want to reach difficult places or carry it up (and down the) stairs? Convert it and use it as the portable one.

Another thing to like about the vacuum is the powerful brush. With different kinds of attachment, cleaning is a breeze! You can use the machine to suck up all the debris or dust from the carpet or hard floor. No need to worry; the brush head is designed in such a way that it won’t scrape or hurt your floor. You can easily (and conveniently) glide your vacuum from the carpet to the hard floor and then to carpet again.

2. ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum 2-in-1

If you are looking for a powerful vacuum and yet with less weight and less hassle, then this Roomie vacuum is probably your answer. The vacuum is slim and somewhat compact, but it does pack such a strong suction power. It is able to remove any debris, dust, or dirt easily. It comes with two different cleaning and suction modes, so you can adjust it for your personal use.

This is another 2-in-1 machine which means that you can use it as an upright mode and as a portable device. The machine won’t take up a lot of space even in the upright form. Simply put it on the corner of the room and voila! You will even forget that it exists!

The powerful head is able to handle and tackle cleaning tasks for hard floors, carpet, and even tiles.  When you use it for regular daily cleaning, the Eco mode would be just fine. But in the event that you are dealing with stubborn dirt or debris, you can use the Turbo mode for a better and cleaner result.

3. Philips FC9729/69 PowerPro

This is one vacuum that comes with powerful suction ability to deliver spotless results. The suction power is pretty amazing – it can remove dust, dirt, and even bigger debris within one swipe. And since it is coming with advanced technology, it can trap the allergens so they won’t circulate back to the air. As a result, your air would be cleaner, fresher, and allergen-free.

As one of the best vacuum for hard floor, this machine has all the right features. It has a bagless design which will save you money for purchasing the dust bag. The mechanism to empty the container is easy and hygienic. You won’t have to worry that you will make you dirty. And the additional accessories (especially for the hard floor) are very helpful. Simply attach them (and remove them when you are done) to enjoy a more thorough cleaning session. It’s that easy! You will see that cleaning has never been so much fun.

4. Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum

If you don’t have the time to do all the cleaning, why not letting the vacuum robot to do it for you? This robot will remove and suck up all the dirt, dust, and debris so your home would be spotless. And the cool thing is: you don’t have to do the cleaning! Just program it and the machine would run on its own. And the compact design and size will reach the corner of the rooms and also go into under the furniture. The machine may look small and compact, but it has such a powerful cleaning ability. It is able to clean the carpet, the hard floor, and the tiles efficiently.

The robot is equipped with different cleaning modes, including scheduled tasks. When you aren’t at home, you can program it to clean the house. You can also place it upstairs without having to worry that it may fall down. The robot has its own sensor that will detect edges so it automatically stays away from edges. It is also self-charge – when it detects that the power is running out, it will go to the dock so it can be charged automatically.

5. Bissell Bossanova Vacuum 1977E, 2600 W

This vacuum from Bissell is your answer to your cleaning needs. It is a dry and wet vacuum which means that it can be used to remove and suck up dirt, dust, and debris, and it can also be used to remove liquid and water stain.

This vacuum comes with steam power, which makes it ideal to clean hard floor – including the bathroom and the kitchen. It is considered the best vacuum for the hard floor because it can be used to wipe water spill and also dry dirt or dust. It has two different dry and wet containers, so emptying the contents should be easy and not messy.

One of the coolest things about the vacuum is the steamer – and it is chemical-free. You don’t have to use any dangerous chemicals anymore just to create spotless and fresh surroundings. Simply activate the steamer and you can remove the stubborn stain in no time. With easily removed filter, easy removal of the dry container, and the plunger system for the wet container, what else can you ask for more?

6. Dibea Stick Vacuum D18 Pro

If you have a problem with limited space, then a stick vacuum would be your best pick. Don’t underestimate the slim design. It has such a powerful ability that will remove just anything – from dirt to stubborn hair. After all, the machine comes with two suction settings. The low suction is for hair and dirt while the high setting is for debris and stubborn embedded hair. You can alternate these settings so you can enjoy the final cleaning result.

The design of the machine is slim. It is lightweight so you shouldn’t have any problem carrying it around. For easier storage, you can always lean it against the wall. Want to have better and more secure storage? It has its own bracket so you can attach the machine to the bracket and let it secure it.

A lot of people like the handy features, such as the powerful suction feature, the handy accessories, and the flexible operation. You can move from carpet to hard floor without changing anything and be sure that you have removed everything. The machine is also easily (and flexibly) twisted, rotated, and moved around.

7. Vax Mach Air Upright Vacuum 1.5L

Even with the upright design, you won’t have any problem with this machine. It is compact and lightweight. You should be able to carry it around or simply glide it across the rooms. It can also accommodate a lot of dust so you can empty the container after several cleaning sessions.

One of the reasons why this vacuum is included as one of the best vacuum for a hard floor is because of the multi-cyclonic technology. Thanks to this technology, you can clean both hard floor and carpets without experiencing loss of suction. It means that you can still perform powerful cleaning without compromising comfort or convenience.

And the machine has a detachable handle – it can be connected directly to the house. This feature allows you to clean areas above the floor and also clean the stairs. The process for emptying the container is also nice and simple – you won’t have to make your hands go dirty again!

8. Hoover Upright Vacuum TH31BO02

If you are worried that your vacuum isn’t performing its task as it should have, then you need to reconsider whether you want to buy a Hoover. This machine has a large container for the dirt. With 3 litres of the container, you can have several cleaning times before finally having to empty the contents. The emptying mechanism is also easy – you won’t have to get your hands dirty while doing it.

One of the things to like about the vacuum is the powerful (rotating) brush bar that is also adjustable. Feel free to adjust the brush bar’s height so it would be perfect for all kinds of floors. With this handy adjustable feature, you can have a deep clean session for the carpets and then glide smoothly (and effortlessly) on the hard floors.

And let’s not forget the powerful suction ability. This vacuum is considered ideal for pets because it can remove stubborn hair. Even embedded hair can be removed easily without a sweat.

9. Shark Lift-Away Vacuum NZ801UKT

Not only this machine has a very convenient design (it is upright as well as a handheld), but it also comes with a powerful ability that will ensure the cleaning efficiency. The machine can remove dirt, dust, and debris in no time. It can also pick up hair.

But won’t the hair get tangled up in the bristle? No need to worry – the machine has its own advanced technology that will separate and remove the hair easily so you won’t have to deal with messy cleaning. Again.

The machine has DuoClean technology that helps you to clean the hard floor and the carpet easily. In fact, this technology allows you to glide conveniently between floors without changing your strides or without you having to change the setting or whatsoever. Rest assured that you can still enjoy fun cleaning while making sure that the floor would be spotless and clean. Emptying the contents is easy and mess-free too.

10. Henry HVR 160-11 Bagged Cylinder

Henry is a cute and adorable vacuum machine with compact design and yet powerful suction ability.  Trust me, you will have a field trip when you buy it because cleaning is no longer serious or dreadful. The cylinder design is cute – somewhat matching the adorable red colour and the cute design.

This is a bagged vacuum that is able to accommodate a lot of dirt and dust. In fact, Henry has a 5 times capacity to accommodate debris and dirt, so not only you can enjoy a more thorough cleaning, but also several cleaning sessions can be performed before you finally have to empty the bag.

Despite the cute look, the suction power is strong. It can pick up any dirt, dust, and debris from any platforms – hard floors, stairs, carpets, and tiles.  The design is made as careful as possible so the head brush won’t damage or scrape the floor.


There you have it – some candidates that can be used to clean the floor efficiently. Which of these best vacuum for the hard floor that you like?

What to Look for in a Good Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Ordinary vacuum cleaners are not effective in cleaning floors. These can even damage the surface because of the brush bar that could leave scratch marks on your floor. The smarter way to clean your floors thoroughly is by using a vacuum cleaner that is ideal for hardwood and all types of floor.

When looking for a good hardwood floor vacuum cleaner, check out its features first. The good ones are those that have a wide cleaning path for farther reach. Time is of the essence, thus it will be great if you can cut back on the amount of time for housecleaning.

Another feature to look for is the machine’s weight. There is nothing more stressful than using an extremely heavy vacuum. So, check the item’s weight in the product specification before getting all worked up with its glitzy features.

Lastly, make sure that the vacuum has a good filtration system. This feature traps dirt inside, thus you do not need to dust after vacuuming. It is also beneficial to asthma and allergy sufferers; allergens stay inside the filter, thus ensuring you with breathable air indoors.