Top 10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2022 UK

Technology has done so much to make things easier for humans. With just a click of a button, anything is done simply – cooking, meal preparation, dishwashing and so much more. Even with housecleaning, it is possible for you to just sit back and relax. All you need to do is press a certain button, and you can simply watch the work done for you.

Most vacuum robot comes with a line of compact and mini-sized vacuum cleaners; you would not think that these tiny round items could actually do so much. These vacuums are, in fact, quite effective in sucking up dirt much like your regular vacuum cleaner. These can clean thoroughly; the only difference is that you do not need to exert much effort at all.

Enjoy the many benefits that go with these vacuums; with this innovation, you will never have to look at housecleaning as a draining chore.

Here are the 10 best robot vacuum 2022 in the UK you can consider for your home or office ;

Top 10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 UK

1. Bagotte Robotic Sweeping Robot

Want to know the best robotic vacuum that you can use for your personal use? This machine from Bagotte will help you in the most efficient manner, especially if your hands are always full. If you have tons of things to do and yet you don’t really have the time (or the energy) to do the cleaning, no need to worry – let the robot do everything for you.

This is a machine that can perform 3 tasks altogether. It can sweep the floor and then vacuum it, and then mop it. You only need to install the cleaning parts and let the machine go. No need to worry about the cleaning quality – your house will be squeaky clean! You can always recharge it – and it can do it on its own automatically. Whenever the battery is low, it will go to the dock and recharge itself so there is no cleaning time to delay.

Although the robot can be used on any type of floor, it works best on a hard floor and has thin carpets that are not more than 12 mm in thickness. The robot has a smart sensor that prevents it from colliding or falling downstairs. If you want to limit the cleaning area, you only need to have a magnetic strip so the robot won’t pass it.

2. Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner [BoostIQ]

This robot vacuum can perform effective cleaning because of its compact and sleek design. The regular vacuum may have hard times cleaning under the table or the sofa, but not so much with this robot. It can move effortlessly under the table and the sofa, cleaning out the area that is hard to reach. Moreover, the robot comes with various cleaning modes, so it is super easy for you to maintain spotless surroundings.

It also comes with Wi-Fi Connectivity and is combined with a variety of apps like The EufyHome app, Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant voice control-services. All of these apps allow you to control the vacuum with zero effort from you.

The robot has two wheels which make it easy to move around, especially when moving around from hard floor to carpet or vice versa. With a smooth and effortless movement system, it is just nice to have a device that can actually clean the whole set and glide gracefully across the floor. Plus, the robot has its own protection and safety system so it won’t tumble down or fall, thanks to the smart sensor. And it will charge itself automatically when the power is down, so you really don’t have to lift a finger.

3. BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Super-Thin, 1300Pa

This device is called the super robot because of its ability to perform a continuous and self-cleaning method. One thing to like about the device is the powerful suction so you can be sure that your home will be spotless and clean. It has a triple filtering system so your house will be hygienic and clean altogether. What about the possibility of allergy or such things alike? The chances would be slim because the technology will make sure that you are satisfied with the performance of the robot.

The robot will automatically return to the charging dock again once the power is low so you don’t really need to do anything. You can set it up, manage a setting, and let it run on itself. No need to monitor it either. It has a smart sensor that will sense walls or stairs to avoid crash or fall.

4. Bagotte Upgraded Self Charging Vacuum

With 6 different cleaning modes, no wonder if this device is considered one of the best robotic vacuums. Isn’t it always great when you can do different kinds of tasks and performances with only a single device? With this robot, you can have spot cleaning, single room cleaning, max power cleaning, scheduled cleaning, edge cleaning, and auto cleaning.

Besides all of the cleaning methods, you can also maintain a scheduled cleaning. It is handy when you don’t have to be present at home so the robot can automatically start its work. And the powerful cleaning features are just nice because you are allowed to create a spotless living environment without a fuss. Cleaning the robot is also easy and effortless. You can remove the bin and remove the content easily without making your hands dirty.

5. iRobot Roomba Vacuum

The robot has a smart system that includes a WiFi connection and smartphone control. You can easily connect this robot to your smartphone and then use Alexa voice control to command the device. Moreover, the device has 3-stages cleaning systems with multi-surface dual brushes, edge sweeping brush, and also vacuum suction.

The edge sweep will remove the dirt and debris from the edges and corners to the robot’s cleaning path. The multi-surface brush will remove the hair, dust, and dirt from the surface (hard floor or carpet), and then the vacuum suctions will suck the debris and dirt to the bin directly.

Other features are almost the same as others, such as a self-charge, smart sensor to avoid fall or crash, automatic powerful clean, pet hair removal, and such thing alike. If you want to make a worthy investment, this one can be in your must-have list.

6. Proscenic Updated Robot Vacuum

Unlike other vacuum robots that can’t move from different heights of surface, this robot can still tolerate a different height or level as long as it doesn’t go over 15 mm. This vacuum can move and glide over the surface easily and smoothly, cleaning and mopping as it goes through the surface.

The robot has a very nice quiet mopping feature because the fan is designed and made as quiet as possible. The scheduled technology makes it easy for the robot to perform the task automatically without you having to be present. And you can also control it remotely with your app (on your smartphone, of course). Very convenient, eh?

Don’t need to worry about the device tumbling over or falling. The robot has a smart sensor so it will avoid walls, edges, and also stairs.

7. ILIFE Tangle-free Powerful Vacuum

There is a reason why this robot is called a smart device –because it is truly smart! You only need to press the button CLEAN and the robot will go on its way.

There are also 3 different cleaning modes available, spot cleaning (for the deep cleaning), scheduled cleaning (for scheduled cleaning), and auto cleaning (for cleaning the surface and the room automatically in a random manner).

With this robot, you won’t have to clean the house on your own. You only need to use the controller or remote to activate or to move it around. And if you have already made the scheduled cleaning, you can leave the house and let your personal smart ‘maid’ do all the cleaning chores by itself. Such the best robotic vacuum, isn’t it?

8. Preup Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

This handy robot can be scheduled so you won’t even need to be present to start it going. Once you create a schedule, the robot will automatically be activated – ready to work. The device comes with a 2200 mAh battery which is quite big. It can work for 120 minutes in total, where the 90 minutes are for cleaning while the 30 minutes are for going to the charging dock. Per a single work, the vacuum can cover up to 200square meters and it requires 4 hours to 5 hours charging time.

As one of the best robotic vacuums, this device can accommodate a lot of garbage. The dust box is 900 ml and it has its own filter. Not only the robot can collect garbage easily and many, but you can also clean the container easily. The filter is based on a HEPA system that will prevent allergies. If the robot is running out of power, it will self-charge by going to the charging dock automatically. This is truly a remarkable automatic robot that can do everything on its own – you won’t have to worry about monitoring it.

9. Ecovacs Deebot Vacuum

This robot may be compact and small but it has maximum power. The powerful suction ability is able to remove any kind of debris – small or big. And this device has different cleaning modes –designed to meet your different cleaning needs. If you want general cleaning, just choose an auto mode. If there is a stubborn spot, go with Max cleaning. Spot cleaning is designed for (intensive) spot cleaning and Edge mode is for specific edges cleaning.

It also incorporates the most advanced technology with Alexa voice control and smartphone control. You can simply manage everything through your mobile phone without even have to push any button on the robot. The sensor can detect any obstacle and difference in floor level so you won’t have to worry that your precious robot will fall or crash into the wall. The device has a V-shape brush that can easily (and effectively) remove any dust or dirt to improve better cleaning.  The only downside is that the brush may not last forever so you will need to change it.

10. Proscenic Magnetic Robot Vacuum

This compact vacuum has tons of great features that you will love. First of all, it has a WiFi connection so you can control it remotely. You can even control the water setting, such as high seeping speed or low or such thing alike. And then, it has Alexa voice control. You only need to talk to it, instead of pushing buttons, and it will do your commands. The water tank is also electric so you will have an efficient operation.

The robot also has a good sensor that will prevent it from falling or colliding into the wall or legs of the table (or chair).  Your robot can work effectively – cleaning and picking up the debris while mopping it at the same time. After all, it has 4 cleaning modes, including spot cleaning that will clean up a small space thoroughly, auto cleaning that will clean the full house daily, zigzag cleaning that will clean a large space, and edge cleaning that will only clean along with the corners and wall. No wonder if it is considered as the best robotic vacuum because of its powerful features and technologies.


In the end, the choice to have the perfect device is up to you because you are the one who understands your needs. These are the candidates for the best robotic vacuum with their own power and abilities – so choose wisely.

Benefits of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you think handheld vacuums are the most lightweight cleaning appliance there is, think again. Robot vacuum cleaners are so small; you would not assume that they could clean your house effectively. In spite of their size, they could pick up any amount of dust and dirt in your house. By simply pressing the “clean” button, this smart little appliance is off to work. Whether it is on bare floors or carpets, a robot vacuum cleaner does thorough cleaning in minutes.

These vacuums do not require much of your participation during housecleaning – except when pushing the button to make it work. Other than that, all you need to do is watch it zoom away as it leaves your floor spotless. It automatically adjusts to any floor surface without causing scratches or ruining your rug’s texture.

Its size enables it to clean efficiently hard-to-reach areas such as under the bed, table and couch. It also comes with a built-in cliff sensor that prevents it from falling down the stairs. The smart dirt sensor allows the unit to focus more on areas that need more cleaning. Moreover, you can preset the desired cleaning time; thus, you can come home from work and see your house looking great, thanks to the robot vacuum cleaner.

For a much easier time when it comes to housecleaning, a robot vacuum is surely one appliance that you should have at home.