Top 10 Best Steam Mop 2022 UK & Buying Guide : For Carpet, HardFloor, and More

Technology has changed the way of our daily household works, and that’s why they need for the best Steam Mop has been rising sky-high with each passing day. The generation has upgraded from Broom and plastic spade to Steam Mop. The mop is an essential item to wipe out dust from your house while keeps your hand neat.

That’s the need for finding the best steam mop that has become an essential thing in recent times. Here we are presenting some of the best steam mop reviews 2022 in the UK to help you out with making the best possible purchasing decision.

1. Vileda Steam Mop

This top-rated mop is said to be the best all-around steam mop that is capable of standard cleaning while sanitizing the area at the same time.

The Vileda Steam Mop generates steam that is hot enough to sanitize the cleaning area within seconds. You will find it to be very lightweight as it only weighs around 2.5Kg when full. It comes with a handy optional handle that lets you clean kitchen countertops. It is clear to see that this mop lives up to its name and provide a clear answer to what is the best steam mop.

The Vileda Steam Mop steam mops had more than 1.100 reviews. What most users liked about this steam mop, is that it runs up to 28 minutes before you need to refill it.

2. Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh

The Vax S86-SF-CC comes at a very affordable price, yet it is strong enough to get rid of difficult stains. Even though it weighs 3.69Kg it isn’t too heavy for it to be carried around when needed.

The Eureka Hard-Surface Floor Steamer comes with a 7-metre power cord and is very handy for cleaning larger floor surfaces. This Vax mop heats up in less than 30 seconds and up to 15 minutes of steam time.

You will find it easy to work around obstacles using this steam mop as it features an Angular floor head that constantly delivers steam which is activated by an on-off button and allows you to clean even the most difficult of spaces.

3. Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner

The Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Mop has been around for some years now. It has been extensively reviewed by customers on Amazon. It has dual functionality, works in both upright and handheld and can be used in a variety of surfaces, floors, carpets, and so forth.

This mop comes with a large 400ml capacity, which means you can have more time for steam cleaning and reduce the time re-filling. The steam will be produced in just 30 seconds because the cold water is fed through the boiler, the system works differently compared to traditional steam cleaners.

Overall, the comments are for the Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner Mop are favourable and so I think this model is worth considering as a purchase.

4. Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G

The Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Steam Mop claims to be able to clean and sanitize all your sealed hard floor surfaces. The mop has the unique feature of automatic steam cut off in the upright position.

This Steam Mop is easy to assemble. Just fill with tap water no detergents or chemicals are required. To use just fill up the water tank, plugin and wait for 25 seconds heat-up time for it to begin to steam. Then start to mop for more difficult sticky dirt just hover the steam mop over the patch of dirt for a few extra seconds.

This Mop has up to 25 minutes of steam time which is ideal for those who have a large area to clean. It is lightweight enough for anybody to use. Overall, it is a good buy for its price. The cord is a little short, 5m and the tank a little small, but easy to refill.

5. VYTRONIX STM01 10-in-1 1300W

The VYTRONIX STM01 it is a good buy if you are just looking for a starter steam mop that is able to clean all your floor surfaces. It comes at a reasonable price and is particularly attractive, especially as it provides a powerful constant source of steam while it is cleaning.

This VYTRONIX Mop comes equipped with a 10 piece accessory kit as well as various attachments which make it a great cleaning solution for carpets, hard floors, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The steam mop is easy and lightweight to use. It is also easy to manoeuvre and the triangular-shaped head means you can get into corners.

It only takes 25 seconds to heat up and steam time of up to 25 minutes meanwhile with a variable steam control dial, you will be able to control easily the steamer.

6. Shark Steam Mop [S6003UK]

Shark has come out with many various steam mops, but this Shark S6003UK is one of the best. This cleaning appliance is lightweight and works well!. it heats up quickly, about thirty seconds and has an extra cord, which means you can do more than one room at a time without having to unplug the machine.

The mop produces continuous steam also has three different steam settings. These different settings produce variable amounts of steam. The three steam controls dust, mop and scrub allow you to choose the best setting for each floor type.

The device comes with Klik n’ Flip where it can help to sanitize up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs, very ideal for allergy sufferers.

7. Shark Steam Mop [S1000UK]

The Shark Steam Mop [S1000UK] is one of the latest Steam cleaners from Shark. It claims to be able to steam clean and sanitize all your hard floor surfaces. Also, it can refresh your carpets. It has the advantage of having a rectangular mop head for cleaning the main floor areas.

This Shark Steam Mop is easy to put together, it heats up within thirty seconds. It has a 5.5-metre long cord, which means you can do more than one room at a time without having to unplug the machine. The water tank is quite large, 375ml so you can do a couple of rooms with it at a time.

It comes with on-demand steam control where you only need to push to pump the right amount of steam.

8. H2O X5 – Steam Mop & Handheld Cleaner

If you need to clean corners perfectly, then H2O X5 is the best steam mop with greater flexibility. A built-in 400 ml transparent water tank is fitted with it to supply steam for 15 minutes continuously. It’s perfect for almost all kinds of surfaces and can be used in carpet, clothes and even tiles and floors as it does not leave any water strain.

It is easy to use the H2O X5 Steam Mop. Just add the water to the tank, plug the steamer in, choose a variable steam selection, push the start button and then wait about twenty seconds before you start cleaning.

This steam mop has 2 different colours Green and Red, weighing 2.26kg and with the angled, swivel mop head, you can easily clean the tightest corners of your house. It uses up to 1300 watts of power, so it will work perfectly to clean, sanitising as well as deodorise any surfaces around the house.

9. Easy Steam Upright Steam Mop

The most valuable feature of Easy Steam Upright Steam Mop is its inexpensive price. Surprisingly, this appliance surpasses most people’s expectations without breaking the bank.

It has 1300w of power with the ability to turn water into steam within minutes. The maximum steam temperature reaches up to 90-100 degrees Celsius, which is considered ideal to kill bacteria and loosen tough grime from the floor. Since it only uses water without any soap or chemical substance, the cleaning process is healthier for your house.

The floor tray can contain a maximum water volume of 3000ml, allowing you to clean the floors up to 50 minutes before refilling. Besides its very competitive price, the company also attaches a 1-year limited warranty to this product.

10. H2O HD – Premium Steam Mop & Handheld Cleaner

Here is another great steam mop from H2O where it comes with an All-in-One Cleaning System, The maximum capacity of the tank is 450ml of water, and it is not necessary to add any cleaning agent, chemical, or fragrance to clean your floors.

The tank is removable and made of transparent material, so you can easily see the amount of water left in the tank as you are using it. This mop is easy to use and the handle is not only removable, but its height is also adjustable. Such design actually allows you to find the most comfortable standing position while doing the cleaning job.

You can also remove the handle in case you need to clean a countertop or other places. Its triangular head manoeuvres easily, allowing you to clean difficult-to-reach areas such as under a cabinet, chair, or table.

Best Steam Mop Reviews – Steam Mop Buying Guide

If you have a wooden floor or lino you just might have an idea just how time-consuming it can be to clean but gone are the days where you need an old mop and bucket full of water or a cloth simply by picking up the best steam mop on the UK market for your needs you can save so much time and make the job of cleaning the floors effortless and even adds new life to carpets/fabrics. These products have been around for some time forever having their designs improved to achieve better results as such they are becoming a must-have cleaning utensil for almost anyone, there are literally hundreds of steam mop reviews online making it difficult to pick the best steam mop for you. This guide will take you through all you need to know about these wonderful products to make the selection process just that little bit easier. Not only will we help with the selection process we will provide the best steam mop brands, how they work and real consumer steam mop reviews to ensure you get the best quality purchase.

How to Get the Most out of the Best Steam Mop

When you make a purchase of the best steam mop based on the top consumer steam mop reviews, you will no doubt want to get started right away. This section will cover how you can get the most out of your new product and how it will help make your life so much easier when it comes to cleaning.

The best steam mop does a fantastic job of cleaning up even the most difficult of spills, muck, and dirt making them increasingly popular among UK buyers. You can also use these products on a variety of carpets, however, they are mainly designed for laminate / wooden floors as well as lino due to their deep cleaning technology and traits. If you did want to use the steamer on carpets the best advice would be to consult the manual provided for advice.

Many people mistake a steam mop for a more conventional / older style mop and end up applying a lot of force to the mop when cleaning. This simply does not need to be done; buying the best steam mop will glide across all material and flooring and give a deep clean. Gone are the days where you would need to apply elbow grease to get a job done according to all the steam mop reviews we have read.

For best results you should always monitor the quality of the microfiber cloth, the best steam mop brands come with fantastic quality attachable cloths to wipe your floor with and absorb moisture. However as the product is used more and more you should inspect for dirt keep the results each time you clean, simply place the microfibre in a washing machine or hand wash it depending on the design to keep your mop working perfectly every time.

Select the Best Steam Mop Using Steam Mop Reviews

steam mop reviewsWhen looking for the best steam mop, as with any new product you are researching it’s always a good idea to have a firm understanding of how the products work and create a list of areas you will be cleaning, this way you will know what to look for when looking through the hundreds of steam mop reviews. Selecting the best steam mop for your needs should be a painless and straightforward process, however, it’s very important you purchase a reliable brand based on good steam mop reviews as cheap poor quality steam mops can in fact cause damage to flooring/items in the house.

At current standards the best steam mop recommendations are that they should allow the water inside the tank to heat up to a minimum of 230 degrees, anything less shows the poor quality and will cause poor quality results when in use as it will not reach a temperature high enough to remove all bacteria and dirt build-up in wooden flooring. It is also important to reach a high temperate for ensuring the water is completely evaporated into steam, lower quality steam mops allow water to trickle out of the mop onto the wooden floor causing them to welt and splinter. The best steam mop 2022 in the UK does not possess this problem and this is why we recommend you check the consumer steam mop reviews on each product to get an idea on how it performs overall.

When selecting the best steam mop it’s also important to consider the size of the tank, depending on the area you wish to clean and what type of floor (wood/carpet) you need to consider how much time it will take for you to complete the process, these products are measured mainly on ‘steam time’ as each brand and model performs differently, the best steam mop brands will provide 10 minutes plus and very economical for water usage. This should be plenty of time to clean any large room wooden or carpet as these products make short work of any cleaning task. Many people base their experiences with these products on the steam time they get, so consulting the steam mop reviews would be a good indication of how long it can work without needing a refill.

Some individuals can suffer from allergies brought on by cleaning products so they require a solution to this problem by avoiding cleaning products completely, the best steam mop brands will do a perfect job of killing 99.9% of bacteria on any surface with its 230+ degree temperatures killing dust mites and other micro bacteria that can cause illnesses. For those who do wish to purchase separate cleaning solutions for different results and fragrances, but always consult the manual before adding any cleaning liquids/powders as it could interfere with the inner workings of the product.

Recommended Brands Based on the Best Steam Mop Reviews

Based on Amazon UK sales figures and the top steam mop reviews the best manufacturer is at current Vax, with a selection of 2 products with a combined total of 120+ steam mop reviews this gives a very strong indication to the build quality, usability, and functions. Sitting at a total of 4 stars out of 5, we are sure this will be ideal for first-time buyers of those who are looking for an upgrade. As a whole Vax has been on the UK market for a number of years providing great quality cleaning products and this includes the best steam mop makes, each item is priced depending on the consumer requirements ranging from a lower price tag which from the looks of the steam mop reviews are targeted to smaller cleaning tasks while the higher-priced models are ideal for those who have larger spaces or even industrial uses.

We decided to take a look at the Vax steam mop reviews to get an idea as to why these products received such a high rating. One review we looked at came from an ‘Amazon prime’ member who is said to be an extremely reliable customer who provides great reviews. This consumer commented on how easy it was to set the machine up, and how simple was to remove the water tank and to connect it back to the steam mop. This consumer isn’t alone in their Vax review as there are multiple reviews accounting for both products’ easy to use build and design.

Close behind Vax is Shark, a smaller manufacturer but not to be disregarded in any way. Shark product reviews are positive and get a great reception from their buyers one particular review describes the mop as ‘fabulous in every way‘  they go on to explain how this is the best product, how it transformed her cleaning life cutting the cleaning time half. We have seen a lot of shark steam mop reviews and all of them show a solid company that’s growing rapidly in the UK market for its high quality and durable products.


After reading all this information you will undoubtedly be confident in buying the best steam mop that will meet your expectations, but to summarise exactly what you should be looking out for when buying the best steam mop is to take note of the temperatures they can reach, you will want a higher temperature for solid surfaces to give a deeper clean to the hard to reach cracks and kill all the micro bacteria which thrive in these areas. Always consult the steam mop reviews found throughout our website before making a final purchase as consumer feedback is key to getting the best value for your money.

By reading the reviews you will get a better understanding of how the product works, functions, reliability and most importantly the end results. Finally, consider the tank size and how much water you will need the product to use, the best steam mop will be able to operate from 10 minutes plus so take this into consideration before purchasing. We hope this guide has given you all the vital information on making a selection of the best steam mop for you after reading some steam mop reviews, without spending more than you need, discover how these great cleaning utensils can reduce your cleaning time by 50%!

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