Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Stair 2023 UK Review & Guide

Almost every home has a vacuum cleaner these days, and even those who do not have one would like to buy one at the earliest. A vacuum makes it easier for you to clean up furniture, curtains, carpets and floor every day in an easier manner. However, you have to invest a bit in order to purchase them. Due to this reason, you should ensure that they come with the best quality.

You need to have some basic knowledge about the various kinds of vacuums that are available today in the market. This is very important when it comes to cleaning stairs. Effective cleaning of stairs is possible only with the right kind of vacuum cleaning unit.

Read on if you want to know what is the best vacuum cleaner for stairs in the UK 2023 and basic knowledge of vacuum cleaners and which one of them is ideal for your cleaning purpose.

1. Shark Upright Vacuum NV601UKT

This is one of the best vacuum for stairs not only because of the clever design but also because of the handy features. For a starter, the Shark vacuum is coming in an upright mode but you can easily turn it into a handheld (and portable) device if you are going to clean above the floor areas or you want to take it up and down the stairs.

You just need to click on the button and the shape is changing already. No fuss and no drama. The brush power is impressive – it is able to suck up all kinds of dirt and debris without hesitation or trouble. If you have pets, you know how the embedded hair can be troublesome, right? Well, not anymore – at least, not with this vacuum.

And the anti-allergen seal will lock all the dirt and prevent them from going back to the air again. It’s simple and yet super sophisticated and highly advanced.

2. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum

The machine has good quality. The suction power is amazing – and it is on the lowest setting only! You can try the different setting – low and high – and you will see that even in the lowest power, the vacuum is able to do an absolutely good job in cleaning the floor. Any dirt, dust, and debris would be immediately removed once you turn the vacuum on.

The vacuum is slim with stick-like design. It is also lightweight. But don’t underestimate its power because such a compact design packs a truly powerful ability.  Storage is also made easy and simple. There is an attachment bracket that you can install on the wall.

This vacuum is powered 350W Brushless Motor and can provide ultra-quiet powerful suction, all the dirt embedded in the carpet can be lifted easily. 2000mAh Detachable Lithium battery can make the device runs of up to 10-25 mins of uninterrupted cleaning.

3. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser 14.4V

This variant from Bissell is handheld so it is compact and portable. Not to mention that it is also cordless which means that you can enjoy the easiness of using it around without being tangled by the cable. This vacuum is claimed to be the best vacuum for stairs because of the lightweight and simple design.

All you have to do is to carry it up and down the stairs and clean each stairway along the way. And thanks to the cordless construction, it makes the job efficient and effective.

This vacuum is basically designed for pet owners because of the strong suction power. The unique brush head is able to reach corners and difficult areas, as well as picking up stubborn hair and heavy debris. The attachments are pretty useful to make your cleaning days a breeze – you can perform different kinds of tasks without any problem. And let’s not forget that it has a good filtration system that will ensure that you only enjoy fresh and clean result.

4. Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum [WV200UK]

If you are looking for a handheld device from Shark, this one would be your best pick. This vacuum is compact and lightweight. It has its own (charging) dock that also serves as the storage dock. Feel free to place the device anywhere you like – even the kitchen countertop can be a great and accessible place to store it.

This is a portable machine that can be used in the car, kitchen, and also the stairs. Don’t be fooled by the small and compact design. Inside such a small device, there is a huge power that can pick up almost anything. Whether it is spilt coffee grounds or embedded pet hair, rest assured that the vacuum can do its job perfectly.

It comes with a cordless construction so you won’t have to deal with the fuss and tangle of the cable. Moreover, the sleek and elegant design is just great as a part of your home decor element.

5. Vax Gator Handheld Vacuum 0.3 L

As one of the best vacuum for stairs, this machine is compact, portable, and lightweight. And yet, it is also super powerful and strong as you can easily pick any debris, dust, and dirt without breaking a sweat. This vacuum has its own in-built crevice construction that allows it to go to difficult areas and tricky corners.

And as if it weren’t enough, this machine is also cordless – another efficient convenience. You can really enjoy fun and simple cleaning time without having to worry about the cables or where you are going to plug it into a power socket.

This vacuum also comes with some useful features. It is able to run for 15 minutes straight, cleaning upstairs, the inside parts of the car, and the spills. The dirt container is also convenient. It is bagless with a smart opening mechanism on the mouth. All you have to do is to open it and pour the content into the garbage bin. It is easy – and you don’t have to make your hands go dirty!

6. BLACK+DECKER DVJ325BF-GB with Smart Sensors

If you look at the design, you will see that this portable and handheld device is modern, simple, and elegant. With black cover and sleek futuristic-look-alike design, you can place it on any counter without feeling ashamed. The vacuum is lightweight and it is also cordless. So, as you can see, you can enjoy tons of benefits from the absence of cables and the unnecessary weight too.

As a modern device, this machine packs with sensors. It has its own filter sensor to warn you when the filter is clogged. Once you clean it, it is as good as new. It also comes with battery sensors so you know when you need to charge it or when the power is low.

It also comes with a flip-up brush and extendable slim nozzle to use on awkward surfaces (like the areas between sofa cushions, Venetian blinds, or lampshade). And the washable and removable filters and dirt bowl is easily cleaned to maintain the long-lasting of the device.

7. VonHaus Handheld Corded Vacuum + UV Light

The machine does a marvellous job in cleaning the surfaces and the stairs. You simply run it over the surface and let it do its own magic in sucking up the dirt, dust, and debris. It also comes with a HEPA filter which means that it can trap allergens and pollutants so they won’t go back to the air anymore. The combination of impressive powerful suction and the ergonomic design is nice – allowing you to clean the house thoroughly.

Don’t be fooled with the construction and design. It may seem big and heavy but it is actually lightweight. The machine also has its own UV lamp that can kill bacteria (such as Salmonella and E.coli), dust mites, bed bugs, and even pollen. The dust tank is quite spacious to accommodate one cleaning cycle.

Since it is bagless, you can enjoy the easy emptying. However, it is advisable that you empty the contents outside because the dust may escape during the time – well unless you can lower the machine down into the bin. But then again, it’s not very hygienic, is it?

8. Hoover Freedom 3in1 Vacuum FD22RA

As the best vacuum for stairs, this machine comes with various helpful features that make cleaning easy and even fun! When you want to cover a large area of the house, use the upright stick form. You can clean it without bending or hurting your back. There is also a Continues mode that automatically runs the sucking power on and on so you won’t have to tire your fingers.

And then, there is a handheld form that allows you to enjoy the portable construction. You can easily hold on to it and carry it anywhere without having to deal with the extra weight. You can use it to clean the stairs and cars. And thanks to the useful attachments, you can also enjoy the high reach cleaning.

Feel free to clean the ceilings and corners without difficulty. Alternating and changing accessories are easy and you will certainly enjoy the spotless result.

9. Gtech Multi MK2 22V

This Dustbuster variant is convenient because it is comfortable when held. The portable design and the ergonomic construction will improve your cleaning session – you can actually have a fun time cleaning the entire house and areas. With a modern design, cordless construction, and its own storage (and charging) dock, it is super convenient to use the handheld machine.

The machine has its own sensors that can improve your use and operation. It is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 22V and the attachments itself allow you to do tons of different cleaning tasks. You can reach difficult corners or deep areas with the attachments. Not to mention that the suction power is amazing.

With a different power setting, you can conveniently manage the suitable power for the right cleaning purposes. In most cases, the lowest setting should be able to pick up the debris. The higher setting is only needed when there is stubborn debris involved.

10. Novete Handheld Detachable Vacuum

This machine from Novete is super efficient and convenient. For a starter, it has a powerful suction power, thanks to the cyclone technology. The technology allows the vacuum to strongly remove any spilt food, dust, and embedded hair from sofas, tables, carpets, and stairs. You won’t have to break a sweat when doing the cleaning – let the machine do the work for you.

The detachable battery also delivers a unique usage when you are running out of power while cleaning. Just replace the battery and you can enjoy another 30 minutes of use. And for the unused one, you can recharge it so it can be useful for your next cleaning task.

The battery, though, is separate from the vacuum so you need to make an extra purchase. The cordless mechanism and the HEPA filter (that is washable) will make the operation fun and easy. Enjoy this lightweight device and use the available attachments to perform different cleaning tasks.


As you can see, there are many different variants of the vacuum. Just choose one among these best vacuum for stairs that fit your cleaning requirements and needs.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Upright vacuum cleaners

These are still the most popular and come with a conventional design. These are ideal for removing traces of deep-seated dirt from the surface of carpets, but not much from stairs. There is only one disadvantage due to the fact that you need to drag the unit back and forth for cleaning purposes. Such cleaners generally come with many attachments and are perfect for tidying up carpets. You can get these in bag-less and also bagged variants. A bagless variant makes use of dirt cups for trapping dirt while bagged versions have bags wherein dirt is collected. Always go for lightweight cleaners which can be operated in an easier manner.

Stick vacuum cleaners

These tend to be lighter in weight and also have a smaller capacity. The dust and dirt bin of these tools have a smaller capacity. The cleaners come with long bodies and handles. However, these do not work that good on carpets. These can be used on stairs, although not with good enough results.

Backpack vacuum cleaners

If you find it more difficult to use upright and canister vacuums, it can be perfect for you to go for these kinds of vacuum cleaners. These can be used very easily, and even on stairs, and give you the ability to reach higher and deeper spots as compared to traditional vacuums. These are effective in tidying up tough to reach spots very well and can be ideal for those who suffer from allergy problems. These can make cleaning operations quicker for you, and this is the reason why professional cleaners like to use them.

Canister vacuum cleaners

These are the best cleaning tools for tidying upstairs in an effective manner. You can also use these very efficiently for cleaning upholstery, bare floor surfaces and drapes. These are usually noiseless in operations and can be used more easily on stairs. There is only one disadvantage in the sense that these are generally weightier than upright vacuums. You should always go for the most lightweight variants of these cleaners in order to get the greatest ease-of-use. Other than stairs, curtain drapes and carpets, these can also effectively tidy up the small spaces within furniture items that are frequently found to be tougher to clean up.

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