Top 10 Best Wet & Dry Vacuums 2022 UK

The right wet and dry vacuum cleaner is able to clean up messes ranging from sawdust and plaster in the shop, leaks and spills in the kitchen to carpet disasters and deep cleaning of your rugs. When you consider the price is generally less than for a standard upright vacuum, the wet and dry is a wise investment.

The wet and dry vacuum phenomena have burst onto the market now featuring top brands that are designed to fit all budgets and every need. Some are great in the shop and others do their best work giving your carpet a solid cleaning. Others perform well at any job in any room in the house or the garage.

In case you are looking for the best vacuum for wet and dry, you should check the following products, they have very good features and can help you to clean the floor surface easily.

Top 10 Best Wet & Dry Vacuums 2022 UK

1. Novete Handheld Cordless Vacuum

As one of the best wet and dry vacuum, Novete device is quite powerful. The suction power is strong and the advanced self-developed cyclone technology is very helpful to create a spotless area and fresh air. It has 7000Pa suction ability that can suck up any spilt food, pet litter and hair, dust, and liquid effortlessly. You can clean the tables, carpets, sofas, and stairs without breaking a sweat.

The wet and dry vacuum is handy and useful. It comes with rechargeable DC14.8 V Li-ion Battery that can make it works up to 30 minutes use, HEPA Filter-Dual Filtration that can be washed with ease – in terms that you don’t only remove solids but also liquid. You can clean up the kitchen, the cars, and even the bathroom with a special flick of a button.

Whereas a regular vacuum will be damaged if it is used to clean up liquid, such a thing won’t happen to this specific machine. It has a special technology that will differentiate the suction ability between dry particles and liquids, so you won’t have any problem at all.

2. Tacklife Wet Dry Vacuum PVC01A

Thinking about having a powerful and handy vacuum without having to spend a fortune? Then this device from Tacklife would be right up your alley. With the combination of 1000W powerful copper motor and 5.5 hp of power, rest assured that the strong machine should be able to deliver practical and effective cleaning result. Another nice thing about the machine is the big 18.9 litre of container capacity that can accommodate both the dry and wet substance – enough for every cleaning cycle.

The vacuum has a nice and ergonomic carrying handle and rotating wheels that can move to 360 degrees. It comes with various accessories for different kinds of cleaning tasks. Not only you can clean almost anything with the machine, but you can also use it in the most convenient way. The different accessories of this best wet and dry vacuum would also allow you to clean the house, the office, or the cars without any complication.

3. Eureka R300 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka is a reliable and trusted name in the vacuum industry so it is only natural if this line can deliver top-notch and promising performance. This is a device that is designed and made for multi-surface implementation which means that you can clean the house effortlessly even when it is covered in carpets or in hardwood flooring style.

The machine comes with cyclonic power that would suck up any dirt, debris, and dust without the possibility of clogging the machine. There is also the airflow controller that you can use to adjust the power – whether in low power or a higher setting.

The vacuum is compact and lightweight, but it has2 litres of the dust container. Such a thing is enough to accommodate the dirt or liquid so you won’t have to empty or clean it over and over again. The lightweight feature makes the vacuum very convenient and easy to move around. You can easily control the movement through the stairs or the furniture. It’s really no sweat!

4. Vacmaster Vacuum 20L with Blower & Power Take Off

This machine is a type of device that gives you the freedom and flexibility in the use. Whether you want to use the bag or not or whether you want to use it for wet application or a dry one, rest assured that it can help you clean the house without any fuss, drama, or complication. Thanks to the cartridge filter, the dry debris will be sent straight to the tank – it is the foam filter for the wet vacuum.

You can also turn this device into a blower –perfect for workshop or garage cleaning. When you combine the blower power and the strong suction ability, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The machine is compact and light. The handle on the top will make it easy for you to carry it around – even when you have to go up or down the stairs. With 160AW of suction, 240V power take-off socket and 1250W of motor, this machine won’t disappoint you.

5. Kärcher WD2 Wet and Dry Vacuum

The compact and sleek vacuum is fun to operate. First of all, it has a push and locking mechanism when you want to empty the container. When you open it, you only need to pull it. And when you want to close it, just push it and it will lock itself automatically. The dry and wet application is convenient and simple because it has its own filter for both dry and wet use.

As one of the best wet and dry vacuum, you can enjoy the handy accessories and attachments. It has been equipped with Long handle and Suction hose 1.9 metres, 35 mm. They are also designed for different cleaning tasks, so you can clean just about anything! And the nozzle is designed to take up the hardest beat in the roughest situation so you won’t have to worry that the vacuum will break or be damaged in a matter of months. Cleaning, maintenance, and care can be done easily. In fact, if you do it properly, you can be sure that your device will be long-lasting.

6. Bissell CrossWave All-in-One Vacuum, 2225E

The vacuum can be used for different kinds of surfaces – whether it is the hard floor or the carpets. And there is also the dual-action (brush) roll that is made from nylon and microfiber roll that will clean up the debris. Whether it is the dry debris or the wet mess, be sure that the machine would clean up everything effectively.

The vacuum can also be controlled and manoeuvred easily so you should really enjoy your cleaning moment. The vacuum has its own unique system for the storage tray that would clean itself. The storage tray is effective and efficient for thorough cleaning.

Other features of this vacuum are Digital touch controls that allow you to control the device easily as well as Multi-functional storage and a self-cleaning tray.

7. Henry George Vacuum

Where else can you get such a cute and adorable vacuum cleaner if not the Henry? But instead of the regular red Henry, you get the green one. No need to worry, the performance is just the same and nothing can compromise it. It can be used for any surface and floor and ideal vacuum Ideal for pets so that it will always keep the room in your house clean, fresh and safe.

Henry vacuum is often considered the best wet and dry vacuum because of its many features. Besides the adorable design, you can also enjoy strong suction power and flexible attachments. You can clean any surface with the attachments – and you don’t need to hurt your wallet.

8. Kärcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner

The vacuum comes in an upright model which makes it convenient for house cleaning. The design allows you to enjoy convenient cleaning without bending or crouching. With the SmartRoller technology, any debris or dirt will be removed in a matter of seconds.

The coolest thing about the device is the water-saving feature that automatically distributes the water to the rollers. It can save up85% of water when compared to a bucket and a mop. And no need to worry about clean or dirty water will be mixed together because the twin-tank system will make sure that they stay separated.

This kind of device is perfect for all kinds of floors, including the sealed hard floor. And the unique roller design will make sure that it can reach out corners and edges so you won’t miss a thing.

9. VonHaus 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Bagless 30L

This powerful vacuum has a very nice and promising suction power. As a result, not only it can remove spilt water or milk, but it can also pick up any metal shavings, paper scraps, wood chippings, sawdust, dirt, and hair easily. The suction power is also solid with a minimal blockage feature – which means that you won’t have to worry that the device will be blocked or obstructed.

The water tank has a big capacity, up to 30liters. It gives you a lot of capacity for the entire cleaning or when you have to tackle a lot of spillages. The vacuum has an interchangeable sponge and HEPA filter that would be perfect for dry and wet applications. It also has its own in-built blowing feature allowing you to collect the debris or dust to one specific spot for effective collection.

The additional accessories are also handy because you can use them to clean different spots and areas. For instance, the floor brush can be used to remove stubborn stains or debris while the crevice nozzle can be effective for narrow gaps or awkward spaces. No wonder if it is considered the best wet and dry vacuum ever created.

10. Autlead Multifunction Vacuum 3-in-1 Wet/Dry/Blowing

Whereas other vacuums may focus on strength and specifications, this one has a user-friendly and safe design. The container is made from solid and long-lasting stainless metal with a long 1.8m hose and 5m of cord for one wide application. The extension tubes would make sure that you have a convenient cleaning moment – no need to bend or crouch or whatsoever. And there is the safety buoy technology that will make sure that your wet suction is safe and reliable.

Wait, isn’t such a machine usually noise? Well, not with this one. Despite the powerful quality and strong solid construction, this vacuum is quiet and noiseless. Thanks to the silencer, you won’t have to deal with the loud or noisy operations. The filter doesn’t need constant change – which is great for hassle-free care and maintenance. And the different nozzle accessories make the machine convenient and useful for different cleaning tasks – for a narrow gap, tight corners, and smooth surface.

Final Words

Those are some of the best options for your cleaning purpose. Just pick the best wet and dry vacuum that is suitable for your needs.

Key Questions to Ask Before Shopping Wet&Dry Vacuum

1. Will I use the vacuum cleaner often? If you plan on using your vacuum all over the house and for both heavy-duty and lightweight applications, you’ll be using the vacuum frequently. That means you’ll want a heavy-duty vacuum with some sucking power. The larger cleaners are built for regular use but are more expensive.

2. Where will you be using the machine? If the machine is going to be used for DIY projects in the garage or shop, you’ll need a stronger engine and longer hoses to get into out of the way corners and reach all areas without having to move the vac much. You’ll also need a longer power cord than if you’re only concerned with completing jobs like vacuuming up small messes or cleaning the carpets in your car.

3. How large should the tank be? If you’re only looking at cleaning up small spills and light jobs, the 2-6 gallon units should be fine. If you’re looking at cleaning jobs in the workshop, house, garden or garage, an 8-14 gallon tank should do it. A larger tank would be necessary for commercial use.


If storage is a consideration, make sure that the height and width of the machine are right for the storage space or closet. You may want to look for a model that converts to a blower if you want to do yard or patio cleanup. If you plan on picking up larger debris, make sure you buy a model with a hose diameter of at least 2 inches. If you suffer from allergies, a HEPA filter traps more than 99% of pollen and other allergy-causing dust.


There are many highly respected brands on the market today. I’ve found that sites like Amazon that have customer reviews are a great way to filter out the better brands and to assist in buying the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for your needs.


Prices are dependent on what your needs are. If your use is only occasional and involves light messes, a smaller model can be purchased for under $100. The heavy-duty models run in the range of $200-400 with large commercial models over $500.