Choosing the Right Industrial Sweeper for Your Warehouse

Everyone knows you need to keep your workplace clean and sweeping it up is just one of those things you have to do. However, a traditional sweeper often does not cut it in a warehouse environment. For this type of area, you are going to want to use an industrial sweeper. These have more power and more attachments in order to clean up any mess.

The typical messes an industrial sweeper may encounter can usually consist of mass liquids spills, and packing dumps. A packing dump occurs when you overfill a package with packing and it spills over onto the floor. This is typically a bunch of small foam pieces or shreds of bubble wrap. Liquid spills could be related to anything from coffee spills to damaged packages. This is where traditional sweepers or even shop cleaners are not enough.

An industrial sweeper is designed to handle all sorts of messes and spills without being damaged and has a special lining to deal with liquids. Not all liquids are user, or environmentally friendly and these vacuum cleaners need to be able to handle them safely. In most cases, there will be a canister attachment that the sweeper will divert the liquid for easy storage and disposal. This enables hazardous materials to be cleaned up easily, and quickly.

The need for a sweeper of this type was made apparent when our society starting shipping larger packages with multiple containers. Traditional sweepers at the time could not handle liquids, and sometimes a mop and a broom just weren’t enough. This led to the development of the familiar shop vac type sweeper. These are the ones that are essentially giant drums on wheels. We’ve all used them from time to time to clean up a mess.

This type was the first industrial sweeper of its time and could handle pretty much anything that you could throw at it. As time moved on however what we started shipping changed, so we needed a sweeper to change with it. This led to developing the multifunction workhorses that are used today. In addition to being able to handle hazardous materials, these sweepers also have more attachments than normal sweepers.

As mention above the industrial sweeper has a canister attachment to handle liquids but it also has a smaller extended arm to reach hard to clean places. A small brush attachment is included for cleaning those delicate areas. Finally, most have a very long power cord, after all, you’re cleaning a warehouse, you need to move more than 15 feet. This latter part was an afterthought on some models as most makers didn’t really consider it until after they started production.

Finding a good industrial sweeper isn’t hard. You simply look around online at auctions, marketplaces, and classifieds. Alternatively, you could visit your local home improvement store and see what they have to offer. These stores also carry parts to renovate offices and warehouses so it makes sense that they would have the sweepers as well. Remember to check out some industrial extension cords if you happen to be cleaning out a large warehouse.