Clean Better with Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Basic floor vacuum cleaners are the perfect tool designed for cleaning up a mess on a flat and even floor surface. However, as most know there are many additional vacuuming needs that do not occur on an even floor or even on a floor at all. For example, stairs, corners, couches, car upholstery, and curtains also benefit from a periodic vacuum cleaning and are not reachable with an ordinary floor vacuum cleaner. For these cleaning needs, vacuum cleaner attachments are necessary in order to make the cleaning easier, more effective, and in some cases even possible.

Vacuum cleaner attachments are found in a variety of sizes and styles. The attachment attaches to the vacuum in order to make it operate in a different manner than as a floor cleaner. Most attachments sit at the end of the vacuum hose. The typical vacuum cleaner comes with some attachments when purchased. In most cases, additional attachments can be purchased. However, it is important to make sure that the attachment is designed to fit the brand and style vacuum cleaner that you own. The average vacuum hose can fit most vacuum attachments.

One of the most common attachments for a vacuum cleaner is an extension wand. This plastic pipe is used to extend the reach of the hose. This is an important tool for reaching further distances such as curtains and ceiling. Some vacuums have two or more extension for added length.

A crevice tool is also a very popular tool fro vacuuming needs. The tool attaches to the end of the hose or extension wand. It is narrow on the suction opening end and is designed to reach into small areas such as cracks and crevices as those in corners or between cushions. This tool suction small items along with dirt and dust.

For couches and cars, an upholstery brush may accompany the vacuum also. The brush has bristles that are used to loosen the debris that get stuck in upholstery type materials. This brush may be used in conjunction with the extension wand.

Most vacuum cleaners have special areas to hold the vacuum cleaner attachments. These areas may be in a special compartment or simple have an area to hang on the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Some other vacuum cleaner attachments that are available but less popular with standard vacuum cleaner purchases are mini blind, vertical blind, and ceiling fan attachments for cleaning. If desired, other specialty attachments may also be an option and purchased by contacting the vacuum cleaner manufacturer or checking out the vacuum cleaner manufacturer website. Many vacuum cleaners come with an order form for ordering additional attachments when they are purchased. The attachment list is often found inside the box along with the vacuum cleaner.

While a standard vacuum cleaner is need for floor cleaning, attachments to compliment the vacuum are wonderful accessories for adding additional cleaning tools for hard to reach and high areas in the home or office.