Five Important Things To Look For In Buying A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Any business that has floors to keep clean will have to eventually invest in a commercial vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are built heavier and stronger than a regular home model. Keeping floors clean and presentable, especially if you have a large influx of customers into your building, must be a top priority. Using standard home model vacuum cleaners will only lead to frustration as they can not keep up with the demands of high traffic.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are built to handle the demands that are placed on them with constant use, high traffic areas, and volume of dirt and debris. Office buildings, department stores, and other public places will be the best areas for a heavy industrial vacuum cleaner. Buying a commercial vacuum cleaner for your business, or building, is something that you should not take very lightly. You will need to weigh the different pros and cons of each different make and model in order to make the best decision for you and your budget. These types of vacuum cleaners can be quite expensive so purchasing the right one is very important to your overall cleaning and maintenance budget.

What To Look For in Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Buying a commercial vacuum is not like going to the department store and picking up a small household model. There are a few different points that you should take into consideration before making your purchase.

1. Motor Size

For some basic models of vacuum cleaners, the size of the motor does not really matter. They are generally very close anyway. Commercial vacuums, however, are much different. Depending on the size of your building, the type of floors you need to clean, and the amount of traffic coming through, the size of the motor is very important. An 11 amp motor will do fine for most applications.

2. Weight

If you have a large building then the overall weight of the commercial vacuum cleaner is going to be quite important. Many people will not want to have to push a large, cumbersome, heavy machine everyday if it becomes too hard after awhile. Commercial vacuum’s are heavy by nature anyway, but looking for one that is still powerful and light will make a big difference.

3. Filters

A model that has HEPA filters included with it is the model you will want to choose. To go even further with that, a removable filter that can be washed is also a convenient benefit. A lot of commercial machinery demands that you buy new filters, brushes, and other accessories in order to continuously do the job. A removable filter that you can wash and clean yourself will not only ensure a clean filter, but also save you hundreds of dollars each year.

4. Different Cleaning Speeds

A commercial vacuum cleaner that has more than one speed will help you be able to clean different areas instead of just one. Slower speeds are great for thicker carpeting while a faster moving brush will clean bare floors much better.

5. Control Placement

This might not seem like an important purchase point, but a commercial vacuum cleaner that is going to be used daily needs to be powerful and convenient. Having the controls mounted near the top of the handle, where your hands naturally rest, is a great feature. You can easily turn it on and off and change speeds all without having to bend down or look at the handle.

Buy Your Next Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Wisely

Feel confident buying your next commercial vacuum by using these points to help you make the right decision. Buying a commercial vacuum is a big investment and needs to be taken very seriously. Look it over carefully and you will see that the commercial vacuum cleaner that you buy will be the right one for you.