Floor Buffers Make Your Housework Easier and Faster

Moms are very strict when it comes to the neatness and cleanliness of their houses. From the rooftop to the floor, they want their houses to look attractive. Most homes have wide space making the floor a lot more visible. Mopping and dusting along do not perfectly clean up your floors. Using Floor buffers is the answer to that. These machines clean, polish and waxes non-carpeted floors. They provide an extra shine on any surface whether your floors are made of hardwood or hard surface like marble.

You can purchase different types of floor buffers. One of the most common floor buffers is the industrial type of model. It has bigger brushes covering more surface area. There are also smaller floor buffers that can be used for home cleaning for smaller areas like that bathroom or kitchen. These floor buffers are ideal for personal use.

Floor buffers will help you make your house cleaning work faster and easier. In addition, they give amazing results. Imagine if you are scrubbing your floors. What used to take a lot of time and hard work is made easier with this machine. Now, what are the safe and effective steps in operating floor buffers?

First, dust or mop the floor removing all dust and grit. A regular dusting and mopping of floors is necessary especially if your floor is made of wood. You will need to use extension cords, so check them before using. If you are ready to buff, use safety goggles to ensure you are safe from harm. Hold the buffer with your two hands firmly gripped. Floor buffers are heavy. You always need to brace your weight when you use them.

Next, put a red cleaning pad on your buffer. You can use either a cutting pad or polishing pad. Cutting pads are more effective while polishing pads are used for furnishing and can be used on any kind of surface. Whatever you use, always check the pad so it does not become dirty with your polishing products. Then on the bottom of your pad, spray some natural product or cleaning agents and buff the floor. Most floor buffers rotate in a clockwise form so clean your area from left to right. Finish one section at a time for about 4-by6-foot section. Keep the buffer moving from one section to another. Try not to miss a spot until the entire floor has a glossy finish.

After the floor is cleaned, dust and mop the entire floor. Some white residue might be on the floor still so you need to remove it by replacing the red pad with a white polishing pad. Buff the floor to make it polished, clean and shiny. Then, a final mopping will give you a brilliant floor. Remember to clean all the pads immediately after using them. Do not leave the pads on the floor buffers. They will damage your buffer and could not be able to clean next time.

Floors are beautiful and eye-catching when they are new but maintaining your floors and keeping them clean assures they keep their lovely appearance. Floor buffers may be a little tough to use but once you use them a while you get used to it and will want to use them as often as possible. With the help of this kind of floor machine, you can turn your house into a spic and span place in no time.