Getting the Best Value from Cordless Sweepers

Cordless sweepers were an invention that transformed the very essence of household cleaning. They served to substitute the corded sweepers and normal brooms that people previously used in everyday cleaning. Ordinary brooms tend to be cumbersome and require a lot of strain to use in everyday cleaning. The first step towards replacing them came in the form of corded sweepers that would be used to clean up carpets and do general dusting around the house.

However, corded sweepers had a major limitation. That is, one could only clean as far as the position of the power source and the length of the sweeper’s cord would allow. It was from this drawback that the cordless sweepers made an entry into the cleaning scene. The absence of a cord provided a practical solution to the reach restriction that existed with corded sweepers.

Similar to other types of sweepers and vacuum cleaners, cordless sweepers operate by sucking air to gather debris as you sweep the floor or carpet surface. The resultant dust and dirt collect in a removable tray that provides for easy disposal. The tray is also easy to clean and is often geared towards lasting for a long time. The brushes are also easy to clean, making the sweepers relatively easy-to-use.  Cordless sweepers are made of durable plastic and aluminium, which is a big plus as far as hardiness is concerned.

Cordless sweepers run on rechargeable batteries, which allow for up to 45 minutes of usage. Unless one is cleaning a fairly large area and running the sweeper’s motor continuously, the 45 minutes should be sufficient time to do your household chores. For larger areas (e.g. small business enterprises), one may need to have more than one sweeper so to cover the entire area faster. These sweepers provide the convenience of manoeuvrability.  They are much more flexible and easier to use than the corded sweepers. You do not have to think about wires and plugs all the time.

There are many brands of the cordless sweeper available on the market today with some of the newer models offering even greater efficiency. One feature specifically is the presence of rotating brushes and a 360-degree cleaning head. This allows for picking-up dirt from all sides and is ideal for cleaning those hard-to-reach places. The cordless sweeper comes in handy for cleaning miniature bread crumbs off floors and is much more effective than the traditional broom and dustpan approach.

Another of its strengths is its ability to collect strands of pet hair. With more people owning pets today, this is an important capability. The sweeper can be used on many different surfaces including tiles, rugs, wood, linoleum, carpets and laminates without the risk of damaging the surface. The cordless sweeper has a handy, micro-fibre cleaning cloth that goes deep into surface pores to loosen up dirt, making it very easy to clean.

Apart from all the advantages discussed above, the sweeper is easy to store. It is not heavy or bulky, so it does not take up much space and can be easily moved around the house. A cordless sweeper may be a new product, but it has already led to many positive customer testimonials.