The Indispensable Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Vacuum cleaners are important equipment that helps keep floors sparkling in homes and offices too. Owing to their everyday usage, they are prone to a lot of wear and tear and the vacuum cleaner belt is subject to much of the wearing out and is hence the most replaced part of your cleaner. The belt, made from rubber, is the main connection between the vacuum motor and the brush that rotates, beating dust off the vacuum that in turn is sucked in by the cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner belt like all other parts of the machine has to be well maintained and repaired from time to time. This saves you from the eventuality of more expensive costs of repair or from having to replace your machine when it should have lasted longer were it properly maintained. The continual movement of the vacuum belt subjects it to getting loose or snapping from its driveshaft. This is what you have to check for to ensure that your cleaner is in its best condition. Such maintenance checkups should be done at least once a month.

A vacuum cleaner belt in good condition feels tight when pulled using the fingers. The belt should also be well fitted on its shaft, be of the correct evenness and without cracks or any melted parts. A belt that is opposite of all these qualities needs to be replaced. Other than the normal wear and tear of the belt from the usual cleaning routines, it is also prone to melting should the cleaner be passed over objects it cannot handle such as rubber. The melting will cause the cleaner to produce the smell of burning rubber that will obviously alert you.

Replacing your vacuum cleaner belt is an inexpensive affair. The belts cost a lot less than other parts of the cleaner and it is advisable to have some spare belts in your home at all times. The belts are available in local hardware stores and together with the disposable dust collecting bags are the only parts of the vacuum that can be replaced from any of the available brands. Nonetheless, you can choose to replace your belt with the same brand of your cleaner. In such a case, you would have to get in touch with the dealers from where you originally purchased your cleaner.

It is quite easy to replace the belt and you do not have to hire a technician The process of replacing the vacuum cleaner belt involves unscrewing the old one, pulling it out of the driveshaft then sliding the new one on and screwing it up. The belt is only one part of the vacuum cleaner that needs regular maintenance. The ideal time interval within which to replace your belt is every 6 months. At the same time, all other parts of the vacuum should be in their best condition to ensure the overall functionality of the cleaner. The internet is the best place to shop for your vacuum belt.