Vacuum cleaners can be hard to handle: pulling them around the corner, stretching them to get to those hard to reach places, carrying them up the stairs. And while the vacuum cleaner hose certainly appears sturdy, they can be damaged quite easily if you aren’t careful. Perhaps it’s because they can stretch a bit that we’re so hard on them. But when a vacuum cleaner hose breaks, there are really only two options: you can attempt to fix it yourself, or you can buy a replacement hose. In this article, we are going to take a look at both options and let you know which one is better for you.

The reason that most people try to repair their vacuum cleaner hose first is that a replacement hose can not only be expensive but also can be hard to find. Can you repair your hose? The truth is it really depends on the extent of the damage. Repairing a small puncture hole is often easy, but when it comes to repairing a rip or a tear, that can be difficult. It also depends on the location of the damage. If the rip or tear is in a place that is bent or stretched a lot, it may be impossible to repair.


The first thing you will have to assess is the extent of the damage. If it is only a small rip or a puncture, it is very likely that you will be able to fix your vacuum cleaner hose. The first thing you should try is duct tape. Yes, duct tape is just about the strongest and most durable tape on the market today and it can even help you fix your vacuum cleaner. And if you aren’t especially fond of the traditional silver-grey, these days duct tape is available in a variety of colours. Simply pay a visit to your local hardware store and select a matching tape.

As we mentioned, if the damage is not too severe, you should be able to repair it with duct tape. The tape may have to be changed occasionally, but it will save you some money, especially if the vacuum cleaner is an old model that you anticipate replacing in the near future. You can also use electrical tape, which may not be quite as strong as duct table but is easy to apply and extremely flexible.

Replacement Hoses

If you conclude that you can not effectively repair your vacuum cleaner hose, you may have to purchase another one, if you intend on using your old vacuum. The first thing you should do is to record the brand name and model number before you go looking for a replacement. Once you’ve done that, you can check online for a new vacuum cleaner hose. Oftentimes, it will be possible for you to purchase a straight replacement, i.e., the exact same hose as before, or an upgrade. You can buy an electric hose, which is a bit more expensive than a standard one, but far more powerful, or a suction hose which is standard.